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Administrator's Manual

Ipbx-logo.gif Taridium's ipbx enterprise VoIP platform combines all the advantages of an open standards solution with user friendly interfaces, extensive features and the ability to manually configure and customize your PBX.

Whenever not specifically mentioned, instructions apply to the administrator's interface under full (admin class access).

Intended Audience

This document is written for administrators of the Taridium ipbx 2.x and ipbx 2.x eXpress (current release) enterprise pbx management interface. Whenever not specifically mentioned, instructions apply to the ipbx administrator interface. See accessing ipbx.

Content Table

Installation and Registration


Advanced Topics

End User Panel

Using ipbx

Optional Modules

Optional modules are only available in ipbx OEM/Enterprise. All optional modules are standard with ipbx elite:

Backup and Troubleshooting


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