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Call groups are designed to ring or deliver messages to multiple users/phones. Groups are not the same as Call Queues and don't offer login/logoff or true call queueing.

To access call groups click on ApplicationsGroups.


Group Dialog

Adding a group requires at least a group name. Once the group name has been specified you can start by adding members to the group.

Group Name

A descriptive name for the group. This needs to be unique within your groups.

Group Extension

An optional internal extension for the group. This needs to be unique within the system.

CID Name Prepend

An optional string which will be pre-pended to any existing caller ID name string. If you want to overwrite the caller ID name use the % modifier. Example: the string %SALES will overwrite the caller ID name completely.

Ignore Call Forwarding

Ignores all SIP device controlled call forwarding requests. Examples include the use of the 'Forward' feature on a SIP phone.

Greeting Mailbox

If group type has been selected as Ring+Mailbox or Mailbox this specifies the greeting which will be used. Both busy and unavailable greetings can be selected from any mailbox on the system.

Record Calls

If checked, all calls to this group will be recorded and stored in the database.

Deliver Messages

Where to deliver messages if Ring+Mailbox or Mailbox has been selected.

Voicemail Delay

How long to ring phones before going to voicemail. Needs to be adjusted if Ring Strategy has been set to sequential or round robin.

Ring Strategy

How to ring phones:

Ring Extension

How long to ring phones if Ring Strategy has been set to sequential or round robin.

Custom Account

Sets a custom account code for CDR tracking purposes.


The selected language for the group. Affects built-in prompts playback after IVR has been executed.

Missed Call E-Mail Notifications

If set an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address(es). Use commas to separate multiple e-mail addresses.

Group Type

The group type specifies whether the group should be Ring only, Ring+Mailbox or a Mailbox Group.


The group members indicate the users/channels and/or mailboxes which will be rung in this group. Please be aware of call forwarding settings on both phones and the ipbx End User Panel.

Group Members

The members of the group (Users). If you need to ring a different extension which is not a user, select other extension... this can be any number/extension that can be dialed from a phone.

Dial Type

The dial type indicates how to ring a specific extension:

Upon Timeout

Which action to take once the application times out or invalid input has been entered. This setting is only applicable to Ring only group types.

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