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The ipbx directory features allow users and callers to lookup user extensions and other numbers via different interfaces and applications. These directories will also be used for caller ID name lookup whenever appropriate.


Internal Directory

The internal directory is automatically created and lists all users on the system including any mailboxes as long as the Hide from Directory hasn't been checked.

When using the Multi Site Module, this will also list the internal directories of other ipbx peers. Note that it might take a few hours for contacts to replicate across all servers.

Global Directory

The global directory is an editable directory that will be server to the End User Panel and phone XML applications.

Device Directory

ipbx also allows directories to be generated as plain text files depending on vendor support. Currently only Aastra and Polycom directories are supported. Note that you will have to reboot your phones in order to load the directory.


Dial By Name Directory

The dial by name lookup can be performed either via first name or last name input. Optionally you can select Playback extension number to caller before connecting if you want the caller to know which number to dial next time.

Caller ID Name on Inbound Calls

Some ITSPs will provide caller ID name information directly, if this information is not available, ipbx can look up numbers in it's global contact directory and use web information to update the caller ID name field.

If there is no data for the caller ID name field, ipbx will attempt to match the North American area code database.

Perform Lookups against Global Directory on all inbound calls

Enabling this will always check the incoming caller ID against the Global Directory. This will affect calls routed directly to channels or other applications such as voicemail boxes etc. Note that calls to users will always be checked against the global directory and updated accordingly regardless of this setting.

Once a number has been found in the Global Directory no further checks will be performed, unless a user has the same number in their personal directory.

Perform Lookups against Google™ search results

Enabling this will perform a check against Google™ search results. Note that this might delay the call processing by up to 2 seconds (after which a timeout occurs).

Automatic Device Directory Generation

Automatic device directory generation is supported for Aastra and Polycom phones. You can choose whether you want ipbx to generate a directory file with global contacts and internal contacts (users), only users or only global contacts.

Global Directory

Removes all contacts from the global directory.

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