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Counterpath's Bria iPhone edition is a highly secure, standards-based softphone for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. With Bria iPhone Edition, you can use the Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your iPhone to make and receive calls, or turn your iPod touch into a Wi-Fi phone.

Instructions are based on version 1.2.1 build 4191 or higher. The application can be purchased in Apple's App store for USD 7.99. We recommend the 'Premium Feature' G.729 Codec which can be purchased in the application itself.



In order to use your ipbx extension on the go you will need to configure your ipbx system for NAT traversal. This requires either a public IP address directly assigned to your ipbx system or a network firewall/router that is configured appropriately. See also Network Firewall Configuration.

Account Details

You will need your SIP username and password as configured on your ipbx system. Create a new account using the Generic SIP NAT template and adjust the settings to your requirements:

SIP Proxy IP address or DNS name of your ipbx system. Note that this is most likely your public IP
Username as set in SIP Channels → Username
Password as set in SIP Channels → Secret


We suggest you always use strong SIP passwords/secrets, especially for accounts that are exposed to the public internet.

Bria Configuration


1. Configure a new account with your account details:

Bria ipbx value
Account Name Username
Display as Username
Username Username
Password Password
Domain SIP Proxy
Enabled On
Incoming Calls On

Leave all other settings as per default.

2. Add the account by tapping save in the upper right hand corner.


3. Hit the green Register button to register your account.


If the client registers properly, you should be able to dial in the same fashion as any other client on your ipbx system.

Low Bandwidth Codec

The Bria client also supports a lower bandwidth codec (G.729) This feature can be purchased under SettingsPremium Features. This is recommended when using your client over 3G networks.

You can configure your phone to use this codec only when in 3G coverage.

Please note that the G.729 codec might require additional licensing on your ipbx system. Contact Taridium for further details and licensing options.

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