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The dialer application allows you to call a list of numbers automatically and connect them to the application or party of choice. To access the Dialer configuration and Control go to ApplicationsDialer in the Administrator Panel.



The control page allows you to start and stop the dialing sequence and provides information about the current and last dialer runs. You will only be able to start a dialer run if you have configured your destination and provided numbers to dial.


This interaction allows you to choose and upload the numbers to be dialed. Numbers should be added as if they were dialed on an ipbx phone.

Uploading Numbers

You can upload up to 5,000 numbers or simply load the extensions of all your users. Numbers should be uploaded one per line as regular text files.


The dialer settings allow you to configure your dialer runs.

Call Load

The maximum number of concurrent calls. Be careful not to select a too high call volume. Use the auto setting and call queues to automatically adjust the call volume based on the number of available queue members.

ipbx eXpress editions are limited to 2 concurrent calls. ipbx Enterprise edition is limited to 5 concurrent calls and ipbx Elite is limited to 100 concurrent calls.

Dial Order

How to dial the numbers in your list 1) in sequential manner 2) randomly

Dial Attempts

How many attempts until the next number is dialed.

Duration of Attempts

How long to dial the number until giving up.

Answering Machine Detection

Whether to use the built-in Answering Machine Detection application.

Caller ID Number

Which number to present to the called party - requires a compatible network or provider

Caller ID Name

Which name to present to the called party - requires a compatible network or provider

Connect To

Which application, user or extension to dial.

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