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Feature Settings control additional features for a specific extension. More features are available in the End User Panel. Only a subset of user settings are exposed in the administrator panel. Simply click on the External-link.gif icon to impersonate that user.


Supervisor Console

The supervisor console allows users to view other users on the phone and control calls via the End User Panel. This feature is disabled by default.

Outbound Calling / Calling Restrictions

Allows you to control outbound calling permissions. By default all users can place off-system calls. If you check has restricted extension the user will not be able to place any off-system calls. Starting with ipbx 2.3 this is equal to outbound restriction. In this version and higher you are also able to select international restriction, which will disallow any calls that start with the international dialing prefix/prefices set in Advanced Settings. This setting applies to the user's phone. If you check is allowed to dial out with Voicemail Box & PIN the user will be able to place off-system calls from any phone. This setting applies to the users permissions. Both settings can be controlled individually.

Call Recording

Select record all calls to/from this user to record all calls to/from this user. This applies to all channels associated with this user. This setting does not apply to calls which are directly routed to specific channels using custom dialplan commands.

Call Forwarding & Follow-Me

Click on clear settings to remove any call forwarding or follow-me settings as configured in the End User Panel.

Call Screening & Blocking

Click on clear settings to remove any call blocking or screening settings as configured in the End-User Panel.

Voicemail Delay

The Voicemail Delay presets the number of seconds until the extension goes to Voicemail. This setting can also be adjusted on the end-user panel.

End-User Panel Access

Selects how authentication is performed when accessing the end user panel.

Primary Channel / Roaming

This interaction allows you to specify the primary channel for the user. As per default the user channel will be the same as the user extension. Any other setting will be considered a roaming extension. This means calls routed to the user extension will be sent to the selected channel. Note that calls from that channel (phone) will also appear as coming from the roaming extension.

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