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The voice prompt interaction allows you to upload or record custom voice prompts for use in your applications and dialplans. To access this interaction click on ConfigurationVoice Prompts in the administrator's interface. For prompts in other languages than English please see the packages section below.

Generally you can add prompts (audio files) to ipbx in two ways:

  1. By uploading an audio file, see uploading a prompt
  2. By recording it via the ipbx's built in prompt recording service, see recording a prompt.


Custom Prompts

The prompts list displays all currently available custom voice prompts. Click on the delete Cross.gif button to delete or the edit Edit.gif button to change the name of your prompt. To re-record your voice prompt and replace it click on Record.gif To play the file back as WAV, click on Speaker.gif.

Prompts will be listed with their filetype, usually SLN or if uploaded added in a different fashion in their native format. The Size field will indicate the size of your recording on the disk. The Modified column shows the last time the file was changed.

Backup Considerations

Make sure you keep appropriate backups of all of your prompts in case you need to rebuild your ipbx system. See also Backup.

Uploading a Prompt

To upload a prompt, click on the upload prompt button. The supported upload formats are WAV, GSM, MP3 or SLN. Uploaded prompts will always be converted to SLN and sampled down to optimize the transmission of speech across a telephone channel. It's nevertheless advisable to use a professional voice talent that is used to recording voice prompts if you want to achieve the best possible quality.

Recording a Prompt

To record a prompt from your phone, simply enter a descriptive filename and select a channel to record from in the blue shaded dialog at the bottom of the prompts list. The channel name is usually equal to your extension number SIP/[EXTENSION NO.] or IAX2/[EXTENSION NO]. So for example if you are ready to record at extension 1001 you would select SIP/1001 and enter your file name 'test' etc. then click on the record button. Ipbx will call you and ask you to record your new voice prompt. You will have the opportunity to review your prompt after the recording has completed. Once you hang up, the new file will appear in the prompts list.


When finished with your recording press the pound (hash) key #

Recording Options

Prompts for Custom Use

To access your prompt in a custom dialplan simply prefix the name of the prompt with prompts e.g. using the BackGround or Playback applications in your dialplan:

 exten => 1234,1,BackGround(prompts/myprompt)

Remember to omit the filetype when accessing the prompt directly. So if Prompts show myprompt.sln use myprompt when calling up the file.

Built-In Prompts

ipbx has a number of built-in prompts. These are generally used by built-in applications, but can also be used when using a custom dialplan. See Manual Editor.


ipbx allows you to download a number of additional languages. You will need to be connected to the internet in order to download and install these packages.

English Sounds (en)

Available in the following file formats: gsm (built-in), ulaw (built-in), alaw, g722, g729 and wav

English Extra Sounds (en)

Available in the following file formats: gsm, ulaw (built-in), alaw, g722, g729 and wav

English UK Sounds (en)

Available in the following file formats: gsm, alaw and wav

Spanish Sounds (es)

Available in the following file formats: gsm, ulaw, alaw, g722, g729 and wav

French Sounds (fr)

Available in the following file formats: gsm, ulaw, alaw, g722, g729 and wav

German Sounds (de)

Available in the following file formats: gsm

Italian Sounds (it)

Available in the following file formats: gsm and alaw

ipbx Prompts

ipbx also includes some non-standard prompts which aren't available in all languages. These files are stored in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ipbx. An appropriate two letter sub directory is used for localized prompts, E.g.: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ipbx/fr for French.

This list provides you with a reference for translation or re-recording:

Text File Name
after the tone say your alternate voicemail message and then press the pound key vm-rec-novm
taridium mail, mailbox? vm-login
welcome to taridium ipbx 2.0 ipbx-welcome
I can't take your call at this time, goodbye vm-novm
This number is restricted to override please identify yourself restricted-number
I am sorry, but you are not authorized to unblock no-auth-unblock
extension unblocked unblocked-exten
extension blocked blocked-exten
Invalid extension invalid-exten
Invalid star code invalid-starcode
off hours mode enabled offhours-enabled
off hours mode disabled offhours-disabled
call forwarding enabled forwardenable
call forwarding disabled forwarddisable
voicemail enabled voicemailenable
voicemail disabled voicemaildisable
call screening disabled callscreeningdisable
call screening enabled callscreeningenable
call waiting disabled callwaitingdisable
call waiting enabled callwaitingenable
call blocking enabled callblockingenable
call blocking disabled callblockingdisable
on-call enabled on-callenable
on-call disabled on-calldisable
follow me enabled followmeenable
follow me disabled followmedisable
on-call notification on-call-notify
please record your new voice prompt after the beep record-prompt
call from: callfrom
please define a call forwarding number first! definecallforward
please enter your new forwarding number, when finished press the pound key enterforward
enter mailbox number entermailbox
invalid entry! invalidentry
No calls available nocallsavail
returning to main menu returnmain
your are now in mailbox: nowinmailbox
number not set numbernotset
the number you entered is numconfirm1
password incorrect passwordincorrect
please enter password pleaseenterpassword
Press five to record your prompts pressfivetorecordprompt
Press four for a dialtone pressfourdialtone
Press one to disable call forwarding pressonedisablecallforward
Press one to enable call forwarding pressoneenablecallforward
Press one to listen to messages pressonelisten
Press seven to leave a message for another user pressseventoleavemsg
Press six to jump to another mailbox presssixjumpmailbox
Press three to setup call forwarding pressthreeforward
Press two for the callback menu presstwocallback
Press two to configure your call forwarding destination presstwoconfigurecallforward
Received at: receivedat
to accept, press one, to discard press 2 toaccept
To call this number press one tocallthisnumber
You have logged into queue loggedintoqueue
You have logged off queue loggedoffqueue
You have reached this extension during off hours preswarn
To leave a message press 2 presstwomsg
No action taken, disconnecting noaction
hello,you have been invited to participate in a telephone conference inviteconf
to accept this invitation press one, otherwise hang up now acceptinvite
to continue holding press 1, for voicemail press 2, or press 0 for the operator on-hold-options
to continue holding press 1, for voicemail press 2, to notify the user via e-mail press 3, or press 0 for the operator on-hold-options-2
your notification hase been sent notification-sent
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