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My Contacts

Place Calls

With Place Calls you can place calls to/from any extension and or number. Select my extension to connect to your default extension. Select other to bridge two arbitrary numbers. Note that when using a mobile device and unified voicemail the system will call you on your cellphone instead of your default number. This is based on your type of web-browser.


This interaction lists all your contacts and allows you to call them via click-to-call. The following categories can be selected:

This will automatically include any users configured on the system as well as additional contacts.

Lists your own contacts. These can be managed directly and optionally exported via vCard or added to your favorites list.

Lists all contacts manually added to the system.

Lists contacts from an external source such as a LDAP directory.


Favorites are all your numbers that are treated preferentially. These are used with Call Forwarding, Follow Me and Call Screening and Blocking. If you want all internal callers to be treated as favorites, simply check consider all internal callers as favorites. Favorites that can be found in your contacts will be displayed with name information.

Calls from your favorites will ring differently, depending on your phone type. This is currently supported on Aastra, Linksys and Polycom phones. Note that this does not apply to forwarded or any off-system phones.


The manage contacts interaction allows you to upload new contacts in CSV or VCF format as well as erase all your contacts.

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