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Forwarding Settings

Basic Call forwarding allows you to forward your calls to another number/extension. The number needs to be entered exactly as you would enter it on your phone. No spaces or special characters are allowed.

Optionally you can have your default extension ring along with your forwarded call or have the forwarding only happen after a certain number of seconds. If you select the Follow Me checkbox, forwarding will use any settings as specified in Follow Me. This is useful if you want to delay the follow-me sequence by first ringing your default extension first.

Checking the only forward if caller ID is in favorites will cause the call forwarding only to kick in if the caller ID is in your favorites list.

Note that the total number of seconds that all extensions will ring in Follow Me must be less than the number of seconds specified for Voicemail delay plus any call forwarding delay.

Checking the only forward if call was attempted X times within the last Y minutes will cause the the call forwarding only to kick in if the same caller with a valid caller ID has attempted calling this extension X times within the last Y minutes. The default setting for X is 3 attempts and Y is 10 minutes.

Calendar Based Forwarding

This interaction allows you to forward your calls based on calendar entries. Enter your complete Google XML calendar feed and select whether you want to enable forwarding on calendar entries or NOT forward when there is a calendar entry.

SIP and IAX Contacts

As of ipbx 2.1.1-e ipbx supports forwarding to SIP or IAX contacts. To forward to a SIP contact instead of a number use the following syntax:
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