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This 'how-to' describes a simple way to add a click-to-call button to any form. You will need the appropriate permissions in Salesforce in order to customize your forms. Note that is functionality requires the ipbx URL Control Module.

While this document describes a specific application of the click-to-call functionality, these methods can be easily adapted for any customizable web driven CRM application.

Setting up Click to Call

Go to the End User Panel and click on FeaturesURL Control and select Enabled and enter the IP address of your PC. This IP address will be used to determine which phone to call first. So if you are at extension 5007 and your IP address is, any click-to-call request from this IP address will cause extension 5007 to ring. For further details on URL control see End-User URL Control API. You will have to do this for all users using click to call in an integrated environment.


The example below applies to the Contact form, proceed in the same way if you want to add a click to call button to any other form.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate form customization dialog. E.g. SetupApp SetupCustomizeContactsButtons and Links
  2. Click on New under Custom Buttons and Links
  3. Enter a descriptive label such as Call Contact
  4. Enter an unique button name e.g. call_button
  5. Select Detail Page Button as Display Type
  6. Select behavior Execute JavaScript
  7. In the main form enter the following code:'{!Contact.Phone}&progress=2','ipbx call',"width=320,height=210,resizable=no,scrollbars=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no,status=no,location=no")
  8. Customized Form
  9. Replace with the IP address of your ipbx system. This can be a local network IP as long as you expect this to only work within your corporate LAN
  10. Click on Save to save your changes
  11. Edit the form to which you want to add the call button. E.g. click on SetupApp SetupCustomizeContactsPage Layout
  12. Select Buttons under Contact Layout and drag the newly created Call Contact button to the Custom Buttons frame below
  13. Click on Save to save the changes
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