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This optional ipbx module is installed under Advanced SetupModules. Registered modules are displayed with registered module.

The delayed paging module allows you to page an extension or group of extensions, by pre-recording a message first and having it played back upon hangup. This is particularly useful in noisy environments such as shop floors and PA systems where audio feedback is an issue.

This feature can also be used to broadcast a message to multiple extensions. The system will call all selected numbers individually and play back the message as soon as the phone has been picked up. This circumvents the need of virtual conferencing when mixing multiple audio streams and delivers better reliability and asynchronous message playback in large environments (10 or more paged extensions).

Method of Operation

  1. User places call to specific delayed paging extension, e.g. star code or preset dialplan extension
  2. User records the message after the beep and simply hangs up (option to revise message is available)
  3. System starts calling a single or multiple extension and delivers the recording (optional auto-answer for destination can be set if supported by SIP phone)

Regular paging (auto-answer) of individual extensions (SIP only) is available via a star code prefix set in the Feature Map.

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