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ipbx supports most SIP compliant phones from vendors such as Aastra, Cisco, Polycom and Linksys. Make sure that you have followed the instructions for Device Type Setup prior to attempting to provision your phones.

Channel Templates

Channel templates tell ipbx how to communicate with your phones. Channel Templates are supported for both SIP and IAX technologies. Support for many popular phone brands is included and ready for auto-provisioning.

Phones can be connected to ipbx with or without a device definition. Devices need to have a MAC address associated and are usually created automatically when creating a new user. Devices are always based on a Channel Template which instructs ipbx how to create any provisioning files.

Editing Channel Templates

Navigate to SystemSIP/IAX ChannelsTemplates and edit or create a new template.

Device Configuration allows you to specify the way ipbx creates text based configuration files. ipbx can create up to two separate configuration files based off the stored template text. To edit the template text click on edit or upload a prepared file.

See Also Channels

Device Template Variables

Variables are always enclosed in double percentage signs. Device template text and destination strings can contain the following variables:

These variables will be replaced upon user/channel creation with the appropriate value.

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