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Warning.gif Beta Warning: This module is currently undergoing beta testing

iSymphony, an easy-to-use, Java-based client/server software for managing phone calls via Taridium's ipbx. The client software is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X.

This optional ipbx module is installed under Advanced SetupModules. Registered modules are displayed with registered module.

The iSymphony module automatically creates and deletes extensions in iSymphony. These instructions assume that you have properly configured installation of iSymphony.



Please refer to the iSymphony product pages for correct configuration of your iSymphony server and client. Take note of correct location and tenant information. These can be adjusted under Advanced SetupConfigurationiSymphony.

iSymphony Host and Port

These settings a pre-set and no changes will be necessary if you have iSymphony installed on your local ipbx system. To manually specify a different host or port for iSymphony add or change the following configuration variables to:


 $cfg['iSymphonyHost'] = "";
 $cfg['iSymphonyManPort'] = "50001";

Dialplan Adjustments

iSymphony requires a few dialplan adjustments in order to work properly. Create the default context and include the inside context. Be careful when using the default context in exposed scenarios. See SIP and IAX dialplan contexts.

 include => inside

Also copy the contents of isymphony.conf from the server distribution (this can usually be found in /opt/isymphony/server) over into the ipbx dialplan.

Enabling Synchronization

To enable first time synchronization, go to Advanced SetupConfigurationiSymphony and check the keep iSymphony extensions in sync with ipbx extensions. Once settings has been saved, this will automatically start the synchronization process. Note that this can take several minutes depending on the number of extensions/users configured on your system.

Any new user extensions will be added, modified or deleted automatically as long as the synchronization is enabled.

Warning.gif ipbx will only synchronize user extensions, any other extensions need to be added manually. Disabling/Enabling synchronization will cause a complete resync and might remove manually added extensions.

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