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This optional ipbx module is installed under Advanced SetupModules. Registered modules are displayed with registered module.

The Additional Line/Softphone module allows you to easily manage a secondary line, hard- or softphone from within the End-User panel.

Requirements and Configuration

This module instantly creates a channel on demand based off the selected template(s). The username always corresponds to the first portion of the user's e-mail address, e.g. would result in john as username. The absence of an e-mail address will disable this feature. The password for the channel is automatically created as a random string. If the template supports device configuration creation, automatic provisioning will also become available. Manual editing of automatically created channels is always possible, but will be overwritten if the user changes any settings so inherent changes should be made to the template itself or a modified template.

To set the default template, go to Advanced SetupConfiguration and select a template for either SIP or IAX use.


Configuring Additional Line/Softphone

To access this interaction, go to the End-User panel and click on FeaturesAdditional Line / Softphone. Select whether you want to enable this and select a phone type (SIP or IAX) as preset by the administrator. Click on simulring with primary extension to have it always ring with your main extension. If not set, the phone/channel can still be used for outbound calling. Disabling this feature will remove the channel from the configuration and make it unavailable.

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