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Conditions allows you to create call routing conditions. To access Conditions go to ApplicationsConditions in the Administrator Panel. Conditions can be used in call routing and in many applications as an Upon Timeout option.

There are three types of conditions: time based, key switch toggle or combined:

Time Based

A time based condition allows you to route a call to a destination based on time of day, or using an external calendar. The routing is performed based on whether your selection is On (TRUE) or Off (FALSE). A simple selection would be based on the time of day only for every day, or individually on a per weekday basis, by clicking on For both cases you can select a destination or have the call be hung up.

Key Switch Toggle

A key switch toggle uses a special extension to change the state of the Condition from On (TRUE) to Off (FALSE) or vice/versa. This extension is freely configurable provided it's not in use somewhere else. You can also record a custom Toggle Prompt, On Condition Prompt and Off Condition Prompt to indicate what the Condition is about.


A combination Condition allows you to set a time condition and at the same time manually override the condition using the toggle extension. The toggle extension overrides the condition in such a way that the condition is always On (TRUE) where as switching the condition Off will cause the time condition to apply.

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