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Ipbx features a mass provisioning interface that allows you to configure hundreds of SIP phones within a matter of seconds. In order to save time and make the most out of this feature, collect all information pertaining to users before you start. Follow the format below to create your provisioning files.

For large deployments consider using a barcode scanner to acquire MAC addresses. Some vendors will provide a MAC address inventory with larger number of phones.

As of version 2.0.2-f ipbx also supports the creation of mailboxes or channels only. Therefore you can mass provision either users (consisting of a mailbox and channel), mailboxes only or channels only. Use the type field with values 1, 2 or 0 respectively.

To upload your extensions/mailboxes/users, go to UsersProvisioning and select a correctly formatted CSV file. Once you have uploaded your extensions, ipbx will validate the fields before actually loading the extensions. Invalid entries will be marked and if provisioned anyway, ignored.

Uploaded users/extensions will be kept in memory until you either provision, clear or finish your browser session.

CSV Format

Fields extension, name, technology, template , mac, type, email, DID

  1. extension extension number and ID
  2. name name of extension user, first and last name
  3. technology technology can be either SIP, IAX or TRUNK (requires Remote Extensions Module)
  4. template exact SIP or IAX template name - if using TRUNK keyword in technology, this specifies the trunk name.
  5. mac address MAC address of device (optional)
  6. type numeric type value
    0 creates only a channel (no user)
    1 creates a channel + mailbox (standard user)
    2 creates a mailbox only
  7. email e-mail address (optional)
  8. DID DID/DDI and external caller ID (optional)

Example CSV File

 41972,John Walters,SIP,Polycom IP Series,0004F2043F6D,0,,718-555-5972
 41122,Bram Nielsen,SIP,Polycom IP Series,0004F2050E16,1,,718-555-7922
 41184,Beverly Hopper,SIP,Polycom IP Series,0004F204867B,1,,718-555-7984
 41189,Keith Verstra,SIP,Polycom IP Series,0004F20510FF,1,,718-555-7989
 41342,Jim Moore,SIP,Polycom IP Series,0004f21878df,1,,718-559-7342
 41196,Heather Holmes,SIP,Polycom IP Series,0004F20486B7,1,,718-555-7996
 41150,Carolyn Dunnican,SIP,Polycom IP Series,,2,,718-555-7950

Always specify all fields even if an empty value is desired. See example for extension 41150 where the MAC address is omitted because the type is 2 for voicemail only.

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