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The Voicemail interaction allows users to access and manage their Voicemail inbox, and to specify Voicemail settings. The current user's name and Voicemail mailbox number appear in the upper right hand corner of the interaction screen (as they do for all interaction screens in the end-user GUI).

There are three menu items in the Voicemail interaction.



The Messages menu will show you all your new and old voicemail messages as well as messages filed in one of your custom folders.

To listen to messages, click on the Speaker.gif symbol.

Use the checkboxes to select particular messages and delete them. You can select multiple messages to delete or move into another folder. Optionally you can also send a message to another user by selecting the 'copy to mailbox' option. This will place the message in the selected mailbox.


Basic Settings

Some of the settings below might not be available to all users. Consult with your system administrator for further details.

The Voicemail interaction contains the following controls:

enabled/disabled/prompt only These radio buttons enable and disable Voicemail for the current number. If Voicemail is disabled, calls to this number will not be forwarded to Voicemail. If you select Prompt Only callers will be presented with a simple message, but not be able to leave any message. See also the Prompts interaction.

The following controls will only take effect if Voicemail is enabled.

Go to voicemail after number seconds Use the pull-down to select the number of seconds an extension will ring before the call is forwarded to Voicemail. A typical value is 20. If 0 is selected, calls to this extension will go straight to Voicemail.

Note that the total number of seconds that all extensions will ring in Follow Me must be less than the number of seconds specified for Voicemail delay plus Call Forwarding and or Follow-Me delay.

Email-Address In the text-box, enter a full e-mail address for Voicemail to e-mail delivery. If the field is left blank, no delivery will be made. If you are using the Additional Line Feature this field might not be editable. Disable the feature to make it editable again.

E-Mail Notification Options Select the way you want to be notified of new voice messages.

Delete voicemail after delivery to e-mail Select this checkbox to delete Voicemail messages after they have been delivered to e-mail (they will not be saved in the user's inbox). If "Attach voicemail file" has not been selected, this option will have no effect.

The Skip the playback of instructions for leaving a message will only play back your recorded unavailable and busy or temporary messages.

Pickup Mode

Pick Up Mode This controls how you access your voicemail messages. Standard will give you all options and play back information about the caller. Fast will play back messages immediately, one after another.

PIN Mode

Setting the Ask for PIN even when calling from my extension checkbox will cause ipbx to request your PIN even when calling from your own primary extension.

Automatic Message Deletion

Delete read messages Allows you to set an automatic deletion schedule for your read messages.

Profile Picture

The profile picture allows you to upload a profile picture which is used for profile picture ID display on supported phones. You can either upload a GIF, JPEG or PNG file, or provide an URL containing your new profile picture.

User Panel Access and PIN

Voicemail PIN or Login Password depending on how your mailbox has been setup you can change either your Voicemail PIN only (if you use the PIN to login to the user panel) or both PIN and Login Password. The Login Password is only used for the User Panel and has no effect on the voicemail PIN setting.

Voicemail Access and Callback Settings

Permissioned numbers

are Caller ID's that will allow you to access your voicemail box directly. An example would be your mobile phone or home number. This list is primarily used in conjunction with ipbx Unified Voicemail.


One of your permissioned numbers can be selected as callback number. This will be number the system calls when using the mobile end user interface.


This interaction allows you to record your unavailable, busy, temporary and no voicemail messages. Click on the record Record-prompt.gif button to record your new message. Note that you will be called on your default extension.

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