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Conferencing allows you to create meetme-style conference rooms. Rooms become available immediately upon creation. To access the conferencing configuration go to ApplicationsConferencing in the Administrator Panel. These rooms, sometimes also referred to as 'public rooms' are available in addition to any personal conference rooms.


Adding/Editing Conference Rooms

Click on the add room button and enter at least a conference room name. Optionally add a PIN and an extension.

Room Name

Unique room name. Can be accessed in a variety of other applications such as IVR's etc. as well as selected in the routing dialogs.


A personal identification number to protect the room.

Leader PIN

A personal identification number, which if specified allows you to delay the conference start until the 'leader' joins the conference with the leader PIN. Users will be notified that they are 'on hold' until the leader arrives.

Muted PIN

A personal identification number, which if specified allows you to provide listen only access to the conference room.


The extension field specifies the unique extension by which the conference room can be reached internally. This is an optional field.


If checked, this conference room will not show-up in the End User Panel as a public conference room.


If checked, all conferences in this room will be recorded and stored in the database.


To access the conferencing configuration and settings go to ApplicationsConferencingSettings in the Administrator Panel.

On Hold Music

A conferencing specific music on hold class.

Participant Limit

A limit of conference participants (per conference room).

Quiet Mode

Whether the system should not play back sounds when a participant joins or leaves a conference room.

Talker Optimization

Using this setting will mute participants who aren't speaking. Useful with larger conferences.

Present Menu

This setting allows a user or the leader to access the conferencing menu when * is pressed.

Caller Announcement

If enabled users will be asked to record their name prior to joining. This recording will then be played back to the current conference room participants (if any). Optionally also allows the caller to review the recording and re-record.

Capacity Considerations

Your conferencing capacity depends on the hardware used. The default conference participant limit is 20. This limit can be increased by modifying the $cfg['ConferencingMaxCount'] variable in the master configuration file or by setting a higher or lower limit under Conferencing Settings settings.

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