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Some ipbx applications and features are accessible via your phone's XML browser (if supported). If your phones have been provisioned with auto-provisioning you will find the corresponding URLs pre-configured on your phone Application/Services menu. See below on how to configure your XML URLs manually.

Warning.gif Note that for security reasons, your phone needs to be registered and setup for auto-provisioning (MAC address must match) in order to be able to display XML menus and applications.


Supported Phone Types

Some phones will allow you to configure XML URL's via web interface or configuration files. The following URLs provide access to all suported applications and features for your phone:

Aastra Phones


 http://[host name]/ipbx/xml/axml-main.xml

Image Server URI

 http://[host name]/ipbx/xml/imgsrv/

The http://[host name]/ipbx/xml/imgsrv/[caller ID].png URL will render any available profile picture stored on the ipbx server. Note that only images from users with the Hide from Directory option disabled (default) will be displayed.

Supported Applications

Cisco Phones


 http://[host name]/ipbx/xml/cxml-main.xml

Supported Applications

Polycom Phones


 http://[host name]/ipbx/xml/pxml-main.xml

Supported Applications

Generic XML Applications

ipbx also provides RSS Feeds that return data in a standardized format, for custom applications and phones (e.g. Mitel). One example is the queue status:

 http://[host name]/ipbx/xml/rss-queue.xml?queue=myqueuename

Note: If no queue name is specified the first queue in the configuration will be selected.

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