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Call Screening and Blocking allows you to prevent callers from getting through to your extension if certain conditions are met/or not met.

Call Screening

Call screening will present callers with a prompt asking them to record their name and play it back to you so you can decide whether you want accept or reject the call. If you select only screen if no caller ID is present callers will only be screened if no caller ID is present. This could be an anonymous call, unavailable or other non-numeric caller ID information that cannot be used for call identification.

Checking the only forward if caller ID is in favorites will cause the call screening only to kick in if the caller ID is in your favorites list.

Call Blocking

Call blocking is used for outright blocking of incoming calls to your extension. It is similar to do-not-disturb features found on most ipbx supported phones. The blocking is different in that it allows you to specify which caller ID's should be blocked. The DND key on your phone has no direct effect on this setting and call blocking on the user panel will always take precedence over any phone settings.

Note that call blocking will take precedence over call screening, forwarding, follow me and mailbox services. If call blocking is enabled callers will be presented with a busy tone. To send the user to voicemail directly - do-not-disturb with voicemail service - set the voicemail delay to 0 or use the DND feature on your phone.

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