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ipbx supports extension presence/status indication on wide variety of SIP devices. This feature is quite often referred to as busy lamp field (BLF). Not all phones do support BLF, some only do partially or using a non-SIP firmware load (e.g. Cisco 79XX series phones). Taridium recommends Aastra and Polycom phones for BLF functionality. Some phones such as the Polycom phones require additional configuration, which is provided when using the ipbx default templates.


SIP General Settings

In order for BLF to work correctly you will need to make sure the following settings in your general SIP configuration are enabled. Go to SystemSIP ChannelsGeneral Settings or using the Manual Editor and enable:

 allowsubscribe = yes
 notifyringing = yes
 limitonpeers = yes

This will tell ipbx to indicate ringing and busy states to subscribers.

SIP Channel Settings

Go to SystemSIP ChannelsGeneral Settings and make sure each phone you want to monitor has a call-limit set. For each phone that is supposed to monitor other extensions/phones, make sure the Subscribe Context is set to subs.


Dialplan Hints

For ipbx to know about the monitored extensions you will need to add each extension as a hint to the dialplan. If you simply would like to monitor all your user extensions, simply turn on automatic hint management. This will automatically create a [subs] context in the dialplan and create hints for each monitored extension.

 exten => 4002,hint,SIP/4002
 exten => 4012,hint,SIP/4012
 exten => 5007,hint,SIP/5007
 exten => 5011,hint,SIP/5011
 exten => 5012,hint,SIP/5012
 exten => 5015,hint,SIP/5015

Monitoring Parked Calls

If you want to monitor parked calls, add the following to your inside context in the Manual Editor:

 include => parkedcalls
 exten => 701,1,ParkedCall(701)
 exten => 702,1,ParkedCall(702)
 exten => 703,1,ParkedCall(703)
 exten => 704,1,ParkedCall(704)

Add the following line(s) to the subscriptions context in the Manual Editor:

 exten => 701,hint,park:701@parkedcalls 
 exten => 702,hint,park:702@parkedcalls 
 exten => 703,hint,park:703@parkedcalls 
 exten => 704,hint,park:704@parkedcalls

Make sure your extension don't overlap your parking positions when using this feature. Monitored parking extension will appear like any other monitored extension on your phone.

Phone Configuration

In this example we configure the Aastra 57i phone to indicate whether a phone is busy or ringing. This is just an example with a specific phone, please consult your vendor documentation for more details on your phone type.

  1. Identify your phone's IP address (e.g. using ipbx or on the phone itself)
  2. Go to the phone's configuration page, e.g.
  3. Enter the username and password (admin/2222)
  4. Click on the Softkeys and XML link and select the key/lamp you would like to assign
  5. Select type BLF and enter the extension you wish to monitor (this key will also double as speed-dial)
  6. Click on Save Settings

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