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License Keys

If you haven't received a licensing key with your system or license purchase. Please contact and request a new license key. Keys are only available to pre-registered customers. Keys can be purchased from Taridium (ipbx enterprise solution and eXpress) or through an authorized reseller (ipbx eXpress).

If you have installed the free ipbx eXpress edition, there is no need to enter a license key. Proceed directly to Initial Configuration.


To register your copy of ipbx, open the root directory of your webserver. E.g. This will prompt you for the license key and the MAC address of your server. Note that once a copy is registered the registration information is locked to one of your server's network interface MAC addresses. It does not matter which one it is, as long as the corresponding interface is available. Once registered it is not possible to re-request the same license. To reset used licenses, please contact with your current license code, reason for reset and contact information.

If you have problems registering, please check that your server is able to resolve DNS names properly and that the correct default gateway has been configured. Try pinging a host such as:

  [root@pbx-7 ~]# ping
  PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
  64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=58 time=1.18 ms
  64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=58 time=1.00 ms

If you change motherboards or change your network adapter you will need to reset your license. Please arrange with Taridium so you can re-use your existing license on your new hardware.

Host Firewall

If you have difficulties accessing the web interface, make sure your host firewall does allow TCP ports 80/433 traffic.

To check if your host firewall (e.g. standard CentOS/RedHat installation) is affecting traffic, try turning iptables off:

  [root~]# service iptables off

Upgrade from Trial License

Follow the instructions on how to reset your license below and register as usual with your new license key.

Reset License

To reset (remove) your license and replace it go to ConfigurationAdvanced SetupMaintenance and click on reset license - or from the command line type:

  [ipbx conf]# ipbx-config

    ipbx 2.1.0-c Configuration                      
    (c) 2010 taridium                                         
  Select Configuration Option:
  1 <- Configure ipbx for the first time and use default
  2 <- Create full database backup
  3 <- Fix file system permissions
  4 <- Restore default ipbx database (will erase all settings)
  5 <- Reset admin password
  6 <- Upgrade ipbx database (safe mode)
  7 <- Reset License (cannot be undone)
  0 <- Exit

Select option '''7''' to reset your license.

After you have removed your current license, simply access the administrator interface again (or reload the page) to display the registration dialog.

Once your system has been registered correctly you can also perform a system update to check if there are any new packages available. Follow the instructions described carefully, if there are any problems please contact Taridium Support via e-mail

Next Steps

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