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The configuration backup feature was introduced with ipbx v.2.1 and allows you to perform backups directly from the administrator's interface.

To access the Backup settings go to ConfigurationAdvanced SetupBackup.

Backup Configuration

Last Backup Completed

This will indicate when automated or manual backups have taken place.

Backup Type

The backup type allows you to specify which items should be included. The Configuration includes all ipbx configuration elements. The Call Detail Records include all call records. Voicemail includes all voicemail greetings and files. Note that including CDR records and Voicemail might cause the backup to be very large and slow.

Automatic Backups

If enabled, automatic backups will be made as specified in the backup frequency settings. See below.

Backup Frequency

The backup frequency specifies the frequency of the automated backups. Non-daily backups are always performed on Sundays.

Backup Destination

ipbx supports backup uploads to FTP, HTTP(S) WebDAV or Amazon S3 destinations.

Manual/Download Backup

To perform a manual backup to the backup destination, click on backup now. To perform a manual backup and download the backup file, click on download backup. Downloads are limited to a backup size of 64MB.

Upload Backup

To restore a backup, click on upload backup. You can specify a an URL for the backup source or upload a file. Uploads are limited to 64MB.

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