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IVR's or interactive voice response systems are setup under ApplicationsIVRs - All changes made, become effective instantly, so be careful when changing settings on a production system!

IVR's are sometimes also known as Auto Attendants or Automated Attendants.


IVR Dialog

Adding an IVR requires at least an IVR name (descriptive name) and the selection of a prompt. A prompt is a sound file that is played back when you call into the IVR.

Note that you cannot add an IVR without a prompt.

See Voice Prompts on how to create or upload prompts. Once the prompt has been added you can start adding functions (options) by specifying a digit or multiple digits and selecting a function to be accessed.

IVR Name

Unique, descriptive IVR name. Can be accessed in a variety of other applications such as other IVR's etc. as well as selected in certain routing dialogs.


An optional internal extension for the IVR. This needs to be unique within the system.

Digit Timeout

How long, in seconds, ipbx should wait until an input is considered complete. This is only relevant with multi-digit options and especially if Overlap Dial has been enabled.

Main Prompt

The main audio file that will be played back when calling into the IVR.

Off Hours IVR

Optional IVR that will be called when this IVR is 'off-hours' - see also Time Settings below.


How many times the main prompt should be played back before hangup and no input.

Direct Dial

Whether to allow direct dial to any of the system extensions (users). E.g. 'If you know your party's extension dial it at any time'.


Wait time in seconds after prompt playback has been completed. This applies as long as there has been no input.

Overlap Dial

Whether to accept overlapping digits and or extensions. E.g. you have defined option 7 but also have Direct Dial enabled where an user could reach extension 701. If overlap dial is disabled entering 7 will immediately dial the digit option instead of waiting for more input. See also Digit Timeout.

Pickup after

How long to let a caller hear a ringtone in seconds before the call is picked up.

IVR Status

If the IVR is disabled, callers will hear a busy tone. This does not affect ongoing calls.

Digit Timeout

How long the IVR should wait in seconds, until time out after initial input.


The selected language for the IVR. Affects built-in prompts playback after IVR has been executed.

Custom Account

A special account code to be used when this IVR is called. NOTE: this overrides any preset account codes.

Time Condition

Time during which the IVR is enabled. During any other time the caller will reach the Off-Hours IVR if defined. If no Off-Hours IVR has been specified the IVR will time out if the condition has been met.


This setting does not take into account any time based switching.

Only From

This setting will cause the IVR only to play back during the specified hours and weekdays. If the condition is not met, the off-hours IVR will be played back.

Click on the day of week to specify an individual schedule for the day.

Calendar Based

The calendar based IVR switching/codition allows you to specify a calendar URL to control your IVRs. ipbx supports the Google™ XML calendar format and iCalendar RFC2445 (ICS files) format.

This setting will cause the Off-Hours IVR to be played back if a calendar entry can be found. Alternatively this setting can be reversed, so that the Off-Hours IVR is only played back if there is no entry.

IVR Functions

IVR functions or options are usually digits the user enters to access extensions and applications. Please select your digits carefully so they don't overlap other used extensions.


Numeric value 1-4 digits


What function to use when digit(s) are entered.


Parameters of function.

CID Name Prepend

Whether to pre-prend a string to the caller ID name portion of the caller ID. This can be used to identify which option has been selected. Th existing caller ID name will be preserved. If you want to overwrite the caller ID name use the % modifier. Example: the string %SALES will overwrite the caller ID name completely.


Control to remove IVR option.

Upon Timeout

Which action to take once the application times out or invalid input has been entered.

Off Hours Switch Display

Shows which star code can be selected to switch the IVR into off-hours. If enabled the selected Off Hours IVR will be used instead. Dial the star code again to disable.

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