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Auto provisioning allows you to connect your phones to ipbx without the need for manual configuration.

Proper auto-provisioning usually requires special DHCP configuration and correct device templates.

ipbx uses almost exclusively the phone MAC address to identify a phone. This address is usually also part of the configuration file name.

See also setup of devices with ipbx and Phone Provisioning.

Auto Provisioning Process

  1. User is created and along with it a file identified by the phone MAC address. This file contains SIP/IAX registration information and other phone configuration details.
  2. Phone is connected to the network and requests an IP address via DHCP
  3. DHCP server sends IP address and TFTP Boot Server information (usually ipbx IP address)
  4. Phone uses DHCP boot server to download configuration file via TFTP/FTP/HTTP
  5. Phone uses downloaded information to register with ipbx
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