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Ipbx-express-logo.gif and Ipbx-logo.gif Software Trial

If you are interested in testing ipbx as an end-user go to:


The ipbx eXpress free edition and VAR Trial programs allows you to experience all the advantages of ipbx for up to 30 days for the purpose of reselling ipbx. Trial periods can be extended up to 90 days. Contact licensing@taridium.com for extensions. All standard releases include the ability to install the free 5 user license.

Hardware Requirements

For the hardware specifications please consult Installing ipbx

Installing the Software

  1. Download the ipbx ISO (32bit or 64bit disc image) as provided in the confirmation e-mail from Taridium Licensing or download page.
  2. Burn the ISO to a standard blank CD-ROM disc and insert into target machine
  3. Boot from CD-ROM and install operating system using default settings
  4. The default root password is taridium200
  5. Continue by following standard installation and configuration instructions.
  6. IMPORTANT Follow the instructions on how to check for any new updates of ipbx. Note that you will need to first register ipbx before you can start updating your system if you are not using the free 5 user version.

VAR Program Applicant Requirements

The VAR program is for consultants and professional services companies intending to add ipbx to their product portfolio. Trial applicants are expected to have basic Unix/Linux knowledge and some form of experience with VoIP, particularly the SIP Protocol. Installation support is available via support@taridium.com 9-5PM EST and covers basic installation issues only. Taridium Support might ask you to provide SSH access to your system in order to better assist you.

Taridium reserves the right to deny any applications without stating specific reasons.

Next Steps

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