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The comms console is accessed as follows:

http(s)://[your comms web server]/console

Authentication is performed using the Comms User Panel. This means you will have to login via the User Panel first.



This feature needs to be enabled by your system provider/system administrator.

The console allows you to monitor other users. A gray extension button indicates that no status information is currently available. A green button indicates that the extension is available to take calls (this does not detect on-phone do-not-disturb settings). A dark yellow button indicates calling and a light yellow button indicates ringing. When the extension is in use it will be red.

Additional information may be available by clicking on the info i button. If set extensions will also display a voicemail button (tape symbol) and mobile phone.

Placing Calls

Calls are placed by first calling your extension and then connecting you with the desired number.

You can place calls through the console by the following methods:

  1. Using the search for name or extension box. Here you can enter a number or search for a user. Click on the green phone button to initiate the call.
  2. By clicking on a extension, voicemail button, mobile button, group, queue, conference or call parking position. This will set the search box to the extension. Click on the green phone button to initiate the call.
  3. By double-clicking a extension, voicemail button, mobile button, group, queue, conference or call parking position. This will call the extension immediately.
  4. By clicking on an entry in the calls call log.

Receiving Calls

When a call comes into your extension a blue drop down box will indicate the caller ID and name (if available). You can answer the call directly on your phone. Once active the call will populate the blind transfer button.

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call simply click on the destination/extension or enter the number into the search box and press either the (B) transfer button for a blind transfer, or (A) button for an attended transfer. Alternatively you can also drag and drop the (B) or (A) buttons on to the destination.

Please note that an attended transfer is completed by hanging up the call on your extension.

Parking Calls

You can park a call in the same way you would transfer a call using (B) for blind transfer, by dragging and dropping the button. To retrieve the parked call, simply click on the parking position.


Your console settings can be accessed by clicking the cogwheel button.

Auto Answer Callbacks

The auto answer callbacks checkbox will cause the callbacks - this is the initial call leg to your phone/extension - to be automatically answered. Please note that your phone needs to support this features.

Sort By

You can customize the sorting order of your monitored extensions by 1) number 2) first name or 3) last name.

Pop Up Records

The pop-up records setting allows you to specify an URL which can be launched to display call relevant data from a 3rd party application. This can be a CRM tool such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any other web based application. Use the %%calleridnumber%% variable when entering the URL GET parameter by which the record will be looked up. Once a link/URL has been configured a link symbol will appear in the top toolbar. The link will remember the last connected number even after the calls has been completed.


The display checkboxes allows you turn on/off the extensions you want to monitor and display on your console.

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