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This optional ipbx module is installed under Advanced SetupModules. Registered modules are displayed with registered module.

The On Call Notifications module is an automated voicemail/call notification service. On Call will ring a sequence of phone numbers and attempt to deliver a message until it has been acknowledged. Optionally e-mail notifications can be entered too. Notifications are based on who is On Call.


Using the On Call Module

To configure the On Call module go to ApplicationsOn Call.

On Call Box

The On Call Box interaction allows you to configure how the call should be answered and how messages should be delivered.


The prompt is the prompt to be played back when the On Call box picks up. Use the Voice Prompts interaction to upload or record new prompts.

Notification Prompt

The notification prompt is the prompt to be played back when the notification is delivered. Use the Voice Prompts interaction to upload or record new prompts.

Caller ID for notification

The caller ID for notifications is the caller ID set when the On Call service attempts to deliver a notification. This is intended to easily identify the calling party and react accordingly.

Confirmation Key

The confirmation key, is the key that needs to be entered to confirm the notification. This is only used when selecting the 'Notification Option' 'Notification with Confirmation'. See below. By default this key is set to 9. Note that your Notification Prompt should reflect this selection.

Notification List

The notification list specifies who is a member of the On Call list. The Name lists the user/mailbox that will be used to store the recorded message.

The Notifications is a list of telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. One entry per line. Note that an e-mail notification will not cancel the notification schedule! Only a properly acknowledged call will cancel the schedule. The Notification Options specifies how the On Call user should be notified. Connect to Voicemail Box will simply deliver the message and cancel the notification schedule after the user has listened to the last new message. Notification with Confirmation will play back the Notification Prompt as specified in the On Call Box settings.

On Call Setting

The Currently On Call (Mailbox) selection determines which box/user is on call.

Changing the On Call Box by Phone

The On Call mailbox can be changed/disabled by dialing a pre-assigned star code. See also Feature Map.

On Call answering Machine Detection

The on call module uses the built-in answering machine detection when delivering notifications. Settings for answering machine detection can be configured in the Manual Editor. Below is an example configuration:

initial_silence = 2500
; If exceeded then MACHINE.
greeting = 1500
after_greeting_silence = 800
; If exceeded then HUMAN
total_analysis_time = 5000
min_word_length = 100
between_words_silence = 50
; the audio what follows as a new word
maximum_number_of_words = 5
; If exceeded then MACHINE
silence_threshold = 256
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