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taridium ipbx, ipbx eXpress 2.x change log

New releases as posted here, are available to all registered users in Taridium's official package repository.

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2017-11-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.7.1-g
		- DB Tag 5063
		* Sounds Packages
                - This update now requires uniform asterisk-sounds-* named RPM packages from the repository. Please remove any 
                  remaining packages with 
                  rpm -e asterisk-core-* asterisk-extra-*  --nodeps
                  prior to updating to this release with yum.

2017-06-19 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.7.1-e
		- DB Tag 5063
		* IPS Detection and blocking
		- Improves false/positive reporting when changing public IPs but not user agents
		* SIP channels
		- automatic pruning when removing existing channels that have been cached
		* UI design updates (fixed)
		* OS support improvements

2015-12-14 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.1-b
		- DB Tag 5063
		* Mobile Interface
		- Fixes vulnerability in /m/ mobile URL access - this is a recommended upgrade for all ipbx 2.x users

2015-08-17 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.1-a
		- DB Tag 5063
		* IPS Detection and blocking
		- Improved notifications now include peer caller ID
		- Fixes IPS blocks when client resets its own IP to
		* UI design updates
		* OS support improvements

2015-03-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-o
		- DB Tag 5063
		* IPS Detection and blocking
		- This feature keeps track of historical IP address changes and blocks channels from placing outbound calls
		  when a change in user agent and/or IP address takes place. Enable in Configuration > Advanced Setup 
		  > Block channels/IPs when suspicious activity is detected
		  This feature can also be manually used when calling outbound-blacklist.agi before a call is placed.

2015-02-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-n
		- DB Tag 5062
		* User Panel
		- Important security update to user panel: A well crafted URL can cause the attacker to gain access and login
		  to the user panel without permission.

2015-01-23 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-m
		- DB Tag 5062
		* User Panel
		- Fixes automatic updating of voicemail list when a message is moved to the 'Old' messages folder

2015-01-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-k
		- DB Tag 5062
		* Advanced Settings
		- New option to send a diversion header on all outbound calls. See Configuration > Advanced Setup > Caller ID

2014-12-15 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-j
		- DB Tag 5062
		* Intrusion Detection
		- improves stability of ipbx tasker when using intrusion detection features (suspicious activity monitoring)

2014-11-10 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-i
		- DB Tag 5062
		* Intrusion Detection
		- Improves the tracking of change of IP addresses by comparing the subnets country and reduce false positives

2014-10-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-g
		- DB Tag 5062
		* SIP Editors
		- Adds support for Asserted Identity and Remote Party ID settings in 'Send RPID' field
		* Intrusion Detection
		- New feautre keeps track of SIP/device IP addresses and notifies when a suspicious change takes place

2014-10-14 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-d
		* User Panel
		- Improves rendering speed of last call information
		* Security
		- Patches a security bug where a specially crafted URL could potentially expose SIP usernames

2014-10-03 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-c
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Additional Version checks for Asterisk
		* New broad e-mail validation to support new TLDs

2014-08-27 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.6.0-b
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Version bump for new CD-ROM ISO
		- Supports Asterisk 11 (default distribution)
                - 64bit only http://taridium.com/ipbxdl

2014-06-27 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.1-c
		- DB Tag 5061
		* E-Mail validation
		- Extends e-mail validation to include .eu domains and others

2014-06-17 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.1-b
		- DB Tag 5061
		* XML Phone Applications
		- Fixes rendering of Aastra XML Directory and logo

2014-05-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.1-a
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Switch
		- Minor authentication bugfixes
		* Admin
		- Adds P-Preferred-Identity Header as an option for outbound SIP calls. See Admin Panel > Configuration > Advanced Setup > Caller ID

2014-03-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-z
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Switch
		- Prevents SIP Alert Info headers from being forwarded to SIP trunks
		* Admin
		- Fixes Queue Statistics display for Asterisk 1.8 and higher
		* XML
		- Fixes XML directory for Aastra phones

2014-01-06 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-w
		- DB Tag 5061
		- Adds ability to disable 'spying' through the operator console. See Users > Edit > Feature Settings > spying access
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes operator console updates in situations where 3rd party applications access the manager interface (AMI)

2013-12-11 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-v
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Bugfixes
		- Default database now correctly configures SIP device templates on new installs

2013-11-27 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-u
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Bugfixes
		- Adds support for Windows Time Zones in iCalendar RFC2445 feeds

2013-11-25 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-t
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes issues with prompt selection in upon timeout and other conditional selectors
		- Fixes Condition selection as an IVR function

2013-10-10 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-r
		- DB Tag 5061
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes ring groups with primary channel ring group members
		- Further improvements to suspicious activity detection and notifications
		- Fixes deny/permit mask order in SIP and IAX channels configuration

2013-09-10 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-q
		- DB Tag 5059,5060
		* Bugfixes
		- Improves e-mail settings detection for suspicious activity notifications and introduces CDR scanning

2013-09-09 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.5.0-j
		- DB Tag 5059,5060
		- New 'Suspicious Activity' detection reports a variety of hacking attempts (See Advanced Setup > 
		- New ring group strategy 'escalation' which adds one phone after the other to the ring group to finish 
                  with ringall
		- Ring Groups now honor the roaming setting for the extension selected (primary channel only)
		- New roaming star code allows roaming logins at any on-system phone (with and without authentication)
		- Improved roaming GUI for Cisco SPA phones
		- New auto answering star codes for delayed paging of individual extensions/channels and all channels
		- New LDAP support for provisioning of simple SIP channels (Elite only)
		- New auto-provisioning support for Polycom UC phones (ipbx-autoprov)
		- Improved GUI performance
		* Bugfixes
		- Call recording of parked calls is now carried on after the parking has been completed

2013-04-25 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-l
		- DB Tag 5058
		* Adds $cfg['StdDialArguments'] to regular extensions and channels (previously this would only be heeded with ring 
                  groups) and $cfg['StdTrunkArguments'] to outbound calls.

2013-04-03 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-k
		- End User Panel LDAP authentication has been updated for better Active Directory compatibility

2013-03-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-j
		- End User Panel Assistant Feaure now allows for delayed forwarding to assistant (ipbx Elite only)
		* Bugfixes
		- Call after no voicemail message is played back is properly hung up

2013-02-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-i
		* Bugfixes
		- security improvements to provisioning directory (NOTE only applies to default deployments) check
		  directory listing permissions of your /prov/ directory when using HTTP provisioning.

2013-02-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-h
		- End user controllable supplemental line support (ipbx Elite only)
		- Improved delayed paging and addition of endless looping messages (Feature Star Code)
		* Bugfixes
		- prevents delayed paging from playing into hung up channel

2013-01-08 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-g
		* Improved LDAP integration when looking up new users via LDAP/Active Directory (ipbx Elite only)
		* Bugfixes
		- Addresses issue where prompt groups in IVRs would not time out properly without input

2012-11-01 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-f
                - Version bump

2012-08-31 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-e
		* DB Tag 5056
		* The End User panel is now available in Spanish

2012-08-09 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-d
		* DB Tag 5056
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.4.1-d.i386.iso & ipbx-2.4.1-d.x86_64.iso
		* Option to disable End User Panel contacts using the Advanced Setup > Configuration End User Panel  
		* New extension report, provides a comprehensive overview of all used extensions
		* Bugfixes
		- Layout improvements

2012-07-20 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.1-c
		* DB Tag 5055 & 5056
		* Improved CDR performance with large databases
		* Increased RTP timeout selection for SIP channels
		* Adds peercontext option to IAX trunk editor
		* Introduces missed call notifications for user calls (Elite Edition)
		* Adds simple call parking with parking position announcement to star code options
		* Improved SIP/IAX password protection and enforcement
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixed call recording on blind transferred calls between same extension to make sure the 
                  involved extension gets fully recorded
		- Improved extension validation with indication where extension is in use
		- Login case sensitivity was preventing admin user from accessing call recordings (as per 
		- Prevents the addition of default MOH files when restoring system permissions
		- Selects correct inbound extension when using auto-exten routing feature and multiple 
                  channels with the same caller ID/DID.

2012-07-19 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-q
		* Bugfixes
		- Call control bug fix which prevents cascaded call queues from ringing into dead air when 
                  HANGUPCAUSE 16 is received

2012-06-11 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-p
		* User based call forwarding and follow-me now adds a X-ipbx-RDNIS SIP header to identify forwarded calls
		* Bugfixes
		- Call control bug fix for certain calls where call tear-down would not be acknowledged on timeout options

2012-06-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-n
		* Bugfixes
		- Enables option to always answer inbound calls $cfg['incomingAlwaysAnswer']

2012-06-01 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-m
		* Bugfixes
		- Delayed paging feature now supports paging using immediate hangup - there is no need to press # anymore

2012-05-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-l
		* DB Tag 5054
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes Polycom caller ID bug when updating name and trailing (greater than >) character from being 
                  inserted into caller ID number when using User 'advanced mode' dialog 

2012-05-23 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-k
		* DB Tag 5054
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes one-touch storage issues with certain versions of Asterisk

2012-05-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-i
		* DB Tag 5054
		* Bugfixes
		- Forces MP3 library upgrades on install
		- Fixes directed call pickup when calling from non-VoIP sources

2012-02-27 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-g
		* DB Tag 5054
		* Adds anonymous access to voicemail subsystem via star code feature map
		* Adds anonymous access to service IVR via star code feature map
		* Adds ability to clear the calling channel's voicemail mailbox (INBOX) via star code feature map
		* Bugfixes
		- Relegates MP3 conversions to a lower process priority for improved call processing capacity during call 
                  recording processing (sox package upgrade recommended)
		- Adds improved call queue status display for Aastra XML phones

2012-01-17 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-f
		* DB Tag 5053
		* Bugfixes
		- Caller ID name resolution: Prevents certain UK area codes (e.g. 0114) from being looked up incorrectly as 'ITU Spare' 
                  country code

2012-01-10 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-e
		* DB Tag 5053
		* Bugfixes
		- Disables personal conference rooms in conference plaza function if no star code has been assigned for personal 
		- Plays back a more accurate number/access prompt in conference plaza

2011-12-15 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-d
		* DB Tag 5053
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes call detail weekday/yesterday display in end user panel

2011-11-07 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-c
		* DB Tag 5053
		* Bugfixes
		- Personal conference room authentication on Asterisk 1.4/1.6 now correctly asks each 
                  participant for PIN	

2011-09-15 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.4.0-b
		* DB Tag 5053
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.4.0-b.i386.iso & ipbx-2.4.0-b.x86_64.iso
		* Advanced conditional call routing with time/calendar and toggle based options
		* Improved hangup detection
		* Better Asterisk 1.8 support
		* Bugfixes
		- Prevents duplicate extensions in situations where multiple configuration elements share the 
                  same ID and extension

2011-08-09 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.3.0-c
		* DB Tag 5052
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes direct operator access when using a custom voicemail prompt 
                  (check your feature settings)
		- Fixes file based call recording file deletion regardless of permission settings     
                  (applies to scheduled and manual deletion)
                - Fixes one touch call recording storage problems on placed calls (caller is recording)  
                  between two local extensions

2011-06-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.3.0-b
		* DB Tag 5052
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.3.0-b.i386.iso & ipbx-2.3.0-b.x86_64.iso
		* New web based operator console for end-user panel (System > Users > User Features)
		* Advanced SQL query editor for CDR records + stored queries
		* New switch updater script, automatically installs/updates/changes the Asterisk core 
                  packages of choice (1.4/1.6/1.8)
		* New group paging functionality w/auto answer (use Page extension star code)
		* Free 5 user version merged with regular release
		* additional call restrictions for international calls (System > Users > User Features)
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixed prompt group playback in IVR options
		- Fixed Aastra paging compatibility
		- Improved Internet Explorer compatibility layouts and formatting
		- Fixed incorrect MAC address validation when using mass provisioning (allows for no MAC address 
		- Improved licensing and registration
		- Fixed simulring + softphone/additional line ringing
		- Fixed trunk registration display in Asterisk 1.6 environments

2011-05-29 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.2-f
		* DB Tag 5051
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes blind/transfer issues post answered call and timeout
		- Support for hash/pound/number (#) sign in IVR options 

2011-05-09 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.2-d
		* DB Tag 5051
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.2-d.i386.iso & ipbx-2.2.2-d.x86_64.iso
		- Version Bump

2011-04-29 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.2-c
		* DB Tag 5051
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.2-c.i386.iso & ipbx-2.2.2-c.x86_64.iso
		* New auto-dialer: supports list based calling for delivery of messages and connection to call queues. 
		  Features queue based call load balancing (Enterprise and Elite versions only)
		* New caller ID name prepend support for queues
		* New individual call recording access permissions
		* New global conferencing settings, including custom music on hold, call limits etc.
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixed MP3 uploads for voice prompts and music on hold on 64bit platforms
		- Conference calls now automatically set the CDR userfield with their name for easier CDR/call recording filtering
		- Fixes file name editing with custom music on hold classes
		- Corrected user deletion in access control dialog

2011-04-20 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-l
		* DB Tag 5050
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.1-l.iso
		* Introduces the ability to change between phone template types without having to remove a device
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes group call transfers when using 3rd party call control software such as FOP2
		- Corrected default password warning when entering default password, then correct password
		- Automatically removes NULL value configuration items which can cause problems with Voicemail password changes

2011-04-07 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-h
		* DB Tag 5050
		* New feature star code for setting forwarding number
		* Blind transfer support on call parking now calls the extension back with parking number
		* Updated documentation for static configuration files
		* Updated enhanced feature keys for Polycom SoudStation and SoundPoint devices
		* Bugfixes
                - Call recording on call queues and groups is now correctly inherited after call transfers
		- Login timeouts now redirect the user back to the current page instead of the welcome page
		- Manual Editor 'View' now properly displays certain special characters
		- Fixes call transfer issues when using 3rd party call control software such as FOP2
		- Invalid error messages in feature map editor when moving around features
		- CDR viewer start date reset bug
		- CDR detail viewer bill seconds were always the same as duration

2011-03-17 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-f
		* DB Tag 5049
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.1-f.iso
		* Bugfixes
		- improved CLI logging messages for prompt playbacks
		- Correct playback of name greeting on unified voicemail boxes
		- Better error messages for iPhone interface
		- Fixed restricted calling to correctly identify a number when redialing without authentication
		- Fixes blind transfer issues when calls are being transferred from call groups
		- Fixed DB schema for new installs (error at line 451)

2011-03-04 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-e
		* DB Tag 5049
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.1-e.iso
		* Added basic configuration wizard for first time use
		* Added GUI support for multiple mailbox MWI monitoring (SIP & IAX)
		* Improved compatibility options with previous versions of ipbx
		* Updated device templates for SPA series
		* New group ring functionality supports arbitrary extensions
		* Bugfixes
		- Improved ring group editor
		- Fixed native download option for custom prompts

2011-02-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-d
		* DB Tag 5048
		* Version bump to force yum updates

2011-02-11 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-c
		* DB Tag 5048
		* Added ability to 'never mask caller ID on internally forwarded calls'
		* Comprehensive pre-provisioning support for Cisco/Linksys/Sipura SPA phones
		* Timezone awareness for call logs and mailbox messages in End-User panel
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes blind transfer issue when using Polycom phones (intermittent issue)
		- Corrected Cisco 79XX templates (new installs only)
		- Call Waiting Options (2) -> Mailbox: A warning message is played back if no mailbox has been implemented
		- Minor language adjustments

2011-01-27 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.1-b
		* DB Tag 5048
		* New option to completely prevent a user from placing outbound calls
		* New IVR Input logic to validate and process DTMF input
		* Improved IVR editor
		* End-User Panel: German language support
		* End User Panel: Ability to disable 'copy to mailbox' in voicemail interface
		* Bugfixes
		- Corrected status notification when using Cisco SPA (Linksys/Sipura) series reboot 
		- Compact voicemail notification settings are now properly parsed if 'no notification' 
                  has been set
		- Native SLN files are now correctly uploaded
		- Updated SIP phone templates with HD Audio support

2010-12-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.0-g
		* DB Tag 5047
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.0-g.iso
		* New per weekday hours selection for IVRs
		* New Prompt Group feature for IVRs and 'Upon Timeout' applications
		* Bugfixes
		- Function selector for simple prompt playback now always answers the call
		- numbers dialed from restricted users/phones are now automatically looked up after prior authentication 
		- International number formatting (00 xxxxxx.) fixed (a display only issue)

2010-11-29 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.0-f (version bump from testing to production)
		* DB Tag 5046
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.2.0-f.iso

2010-11-23 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.2.0-e
		* DB Tag 5046 (includes 5045)
		* Revamped color scheme and UI improvements
		* New general settings editor for SIP,IAX and Voicemail configurations
		* New file based call recording backend in addition to database (dual support)
		* Extensive security warnings (e.g. weak SIP or IAX passwords)
		* New Assistant Module allows to specify an extension assistant (additional module for ipbx OEM and 
                  standard with ELITE)
		* New call waiting logic with caller notification and options - takes into account all associated 
		* New LDAP module for Active Directory and LDAP directory services (user & admin authentication, 
                  provisioning, directory and caller ID name lookup)
		* Call recordings made in an user context are now attached to e-mail notifications (personal 
                  conferencing and one-touch)
		* Search for global directory entries in administrator panel
		* New Group dialing options: 1. primary channel (old behavior), 2. all channels (associated + 
                  softphone lines), 3. extension
		* Display of mailbox usage in mailbox list including directory size and message count + warnings
		* Admin interface authentication is now purely session based for improved security
		* Bugfixes
		- Reloads music on hold configuration when filenames are changed
		- Better display of long lines in manual editor when in viewing only mode
		- Mass Provisioning now also checks for duplicate names and not only duplicate extensions
		- Allows setting the caller ID name to a blank value in a SIP/IAX trunk after it has been edited
		- Support for e-mail style usernames in SIP and IAX registrations dialog
		- Improved local number formatting for German and French numbers
		- Prevents automatic country name display on certain short domestic numbers, e.g. 0113089686
		- Package manager now displays correct upgrade versions
		- Incorrect error messages when adding or removing favorites
		- Improved MP3 conversion functionality on certain x86_64 platforms
		- Automatically fixes incorrect codec order when using GUI editors
		- Corrected mailbox information dialog and added more details
		- Voicemail copied using the end-user interface do now trigger an e-mail notification
		- Misc bugfixes

2010-10-25 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.2-f
                * DB Tag 5044
		* Bugfixes
		- Fax to E-Mail application updated to support additional fax applications such as ReceiveFax

2010-09-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.2-e
		* DB Tag 5044
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes erroneous voicemail time zone creation
		- Fixes minimum/maximum voicemail length settings 
		- Fixes GUI based prompt recording (regression introduced in 2.1.0-y)

2010-09-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.2-d
		* DB Tag 5044
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.2-d.iso
		* Bugfixes
		- Pre-ringing of main extension wasn't working when simulring was disabled (User call forwarding)
		- Missed group call notification e-mails are now being triggered in all scenarios

2010-08-31 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.2-c
		* DB Tag 5044
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.2-c.iso
		* Support for ipbx elite edition
		* Limited support for Asterisk 1.8 (BETA)
		* Bugfixes
		- Improved licensing module 
		- Updated SIP settings

2010-08-02 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.2-b
		* DB Tag 5043
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.2-b.iso
		* Introduces calendar based switching for IVRs
		* Calendar based forwarding and routing now also supports iCalendar feeds (RFC 2445)
		* Bugfixes
		- Addresses error reporting issues on IVR calls which might cause excessive logging
		- SIP General Settings editor expanded and made more concise

2010-07-23 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.2-a
		* DB Tag 5042
		* Introduces calendar based forwarding (currently only supports Google XML calendar feeds) for end user 
		* Bugfixes
		- Improved call forwarding and support for multi-channel simulring (more than 1 additional simulring)
		- Fixes CLI error messages with 0 second delay user forwarding
		- Fixes duplicate channel string with multi-channel simulring
		- Fixes storage of one-touch call recordings in inbound mode
		- Allows for longer file names in IVR prompts

2010-07-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-i
		* Bugfixes
		- Fixes IVR forced off hour switching (feature star code)

2010-07-15 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-h
		* Bugfixes
		- Prevents phantom calls in certain call forwarding/follow-me scenarios
		- One touch recording of outbound calls is now fully supported
2010-07-08 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-f
		* DB Tag 5041
		* Bugfixes
		- fixes broken master database (only affects new installs)

2010-07-06 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-e
		* DB Tag 5041
		* GUI support for TCP and TLS SIP transport modes
		* Support for SIP/IAX contacts in call forwarding and follow-me (User Panel)
		* Bugfixes
		- outbound caller ID logic now heeds anonymous star code settings

2010-06-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-d
		* DB Tag 5040
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.1-d.iso
		* Bugfixes
		- corrected Asterisk 1.6 compatible manager origination and IPPS interfaces

2010-06-21 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-b
		* DB Tag 5040
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.1-b.iso
		* Added unique call ID and user field to CDR search interface
		* New post call CTI URL for accounted calls only
		* Bugfixes
		- Corrected database for on-call module entries
		- Fixed URL calling via User Panel
		- Fixed on call module AMD settings
		- Fixed URL link on voicemail notifications to include message length
		- Fixes network interface editor ignoring comments
		- Fixes post call CTI on accounted calls
		- Fixes installation of multi-language packs through prompts interaction (dependencies)

2010-06-11 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.1-a
		* DB Tag 5039
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.1-a.iso
		* Standard distribution is now based on Asterisk 1.6.2
		* Support for 'ignore call forwarding' in ring groups
		* New star code to dial the mobile extension using the user extension
		* Bugfixes
		- IAX TOS validation corrected
		- Additional hardware identification key for Polycom phones (MAC range 00:E0:75)

2010-05-24 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.0-y
		* DB Tag 5038
		* New IVR, inbound routing and timeout functions: cti (requires CTI module) and playback
		* New IVR function: replay IVR message on keypress
		* New option to enable disable caller announcements in conference rooms
		  applies to public and personal conference rooms
		* New CTI exec function to enable the execution of dialplan applications via XML
		* New option to manually set account codes in IVRs, Groups and Queues
		* Option to set both voicemail and dialplan context on standard directory application
		* Bugfixes
		- Call pickup delay is now applied on internal calls when set
		- Correct display of last call in user panel when unanswered call was placed
		- Click to call now focuses properly and allows 'enter key' to call number
		- Backup download database permissions corrected
		- Fixes file name escaping issues with prompts and music on hold uploads
		- Fixed core dump issue on certain recorded calls (0 downtime issue)

2010-04-08 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.0-j
		* Bugfixes
		- Transfer on sequential ring groups would cause the system to disconnect
		  with certain hardware configurations

2010-04-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
	 	* release 2.1.0-i
	 	* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.0-i.iso
	 	* new positioning feature for ring group members
	 	* improved call recording database backend
	 	* New SIP settings MOH suggest and MOH interpret for SIP and IAX channels
	 	* Support for IAX calltoken setting
	 	* Prompt and Music On Hold uploads now suppport volume adjustment
	 	* Users can now also upload their busy, unavailable and greeting messages
	 	* GUI support for forced ringback tone (RBT) on all trunk calls
	 	* CTI Module: support for outbound CTI control on all outbound calls
	 	* CTI Module: support for post call CTI
	 	* CTI Module: support for accounted call CTI
	 	* Bugfixes
	 	- SIP and IAX ping tests for VoIP trunks now support non-standard UDP ports

2010-03-24 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
	 	* release 2.1.0-h
		* new anonymous calling star code as prefix
		* option to enable call recording via phone XML interface (central store)
		* Per user recording is now displayed as on/off in user list
		* Adds Call Accounting Module
		* CTI Module: new inbound CTI control on all calls
		* bugfixes
		- sets correct paging headers on paging function when paging 
		  Polycom phones (star code)

2010-03-02 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
	 	* release 2.1.0-f
	 	* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.0-f.iso
	 	* GUI CSS improvements
		* fixed database mutepin bug in conference table 
		  (only applies to new installs of the 2.1.x branch)

2010-02-24 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
	 	* release 2.1.0-e
	 	* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.0-e.iso
	 	* non-critical improvements
	 	* Improved IPPS API for channel state information (see IPPS documentation)
	 	* Automatic repository generation for ipbx eXpress free edition
	 	* IPPS is now disabled by default

2010-02-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
	 	* release 2.1.0-d
	 	* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.0-d.iso
	 	* non-critical cosmetic improvements
	 	* country caller ID name setting on international calls

2010-02-12 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.1.0-c
		* DB Tag 5034
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.1.0-c.iso
		* New backup functionality with scheduler and upload to FTP/HTTP(S) and Amazon S3
		* support for muted conference caller PIN (public rooms)
		* CTI module support (CRM integration and more, see Wiki)
		* User Panel feature 'Urgent Call Forwarding' for Forwarding/Follow Me (see Wiki)
		* User Panel click-to-call fully AJAX driven and pre-dial edit
		* User Panel voicemail playback AJAX driven with new WP flash player
		* User Panel Picture ID upload feature
		* Picture ID support for Aastra 6739i
		* Admin Panel recordings playback AJAX driven with new WP flash player
		* New Caller ID lookup options (Web search)
		* Optional Global Caller ID name lookup on all incoming calls
		* Mapping of caller ID through Google(TM) Maps
		* Asterisk 1.6 compatibility enabled
		* New CLI Commander Window
		* New Asterisk Log Viewer
		* Record all calls to/from user (also applies to all associated channels and roaming)
		* Full conversion from Zaptel to DAHDI (user selectable)
		* Improved SIP and IAX template editor
		* New notes field for black list entries
                * Addition of Favorites List to iPhone interface
		* bugfixes
		- support for caller ID name matching in transformations
		- Numerous Internet Explorer rendering and incompatibility improvements
		- minor usability and visual rendering improvements
		- CDR default display year was not correct

2009-12-04 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-m
		* DB Tag 5033
		* Status page now shows network interface status
		* Introduces personal conference call recording flag (automatically placed in voicemail box)
		* Option to set first/last name search methods for dial by name lookups and play back of number 
                  upon connecting
                * Addition of Favorites List to iPhone interface
		* Bugfixes
		- improved Microsoft Internet Explorer rendering
		- fixed click to call event when adding user to favorites/block list after click to call
		- fixed various minor Microsoft Internet Explorer bugs in End-User panel and Administrator 
		- fixes broken URL control voicemail settings
		- fixes softphone status change when placing call through HTTP based URL control

2009-11-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-k
                * ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.0.5-k.iso
                * SWITCH RELEASE asterisk-1.4.27
		* Maintenance Release (non-critical customization options)

2009-11-03 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-j
		* DB Tag 5032
		* Added Queue Wrap Up Time selector to Queues GUI
		* Added Queue RSS feed
		* Built In prompts browser
		* Improved international prompts installer
		* Adds automatic Voicemail Pickup authentication for channels which have a mailbox configured (MWI)
		* Adds GUI option to edit master configuration files for Aastra, Cisco and Polycom phone types
		  (see Configuration -> Advanced Setup -> Devices)
		* adds new a 'delayed paging to all users' star code when 'Delayed Paging Module' is installed.
		* Updated Polycom ipbx.cfg file to reflect international DST changes

2009-10-21 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-h
		* Added VM Callback URL for XML applications
		* Bugfixes
		- fixed trunk failover capabilities in recursive situations
		- various minor bugfixes

2009-10-14 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-g
		* DB Tag 5031
		* improved Multi Site interconnect synchronization and contact exchange
		* Secondary directory listing (equals to voicemail user list) as 'internal directory'
		* Support for new GET argument 'cid' when using click to call URLs (End-User URL Control API module)
		* Updated SIP database schema support for future releases
		* Bugfixes
		- prevents invalid filenames from being used when recording voice prompts through admin interface

2009-09-29 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-f
		* DB Tag 5030
		* Support for network limits on regular users (previously only admin user)
		* Support for login audit and limits multiple login attempts to admin panel
		* Force download link for call recordings in native and MP3 formats with new CDR display
		* Improved Multi Site call routing and caching
		* Bugfixes
		- Prevents dialplan hint reloads when no changes are made to 'Advanced Configuration'
		- Shows a reload warning when reverting a manual configuration
		- User list shows if multiple channels have been associated
		- allows unchecking/disabling of 'strict' search in CDR viewer

2009-09-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-d
                * Recordings default now to MP3 download format $cfg['RECDownloadFormat'] (wav|mp3)
		* Bugfixes
                - Static Conference Room bypass with empty PINs

2009-09-14 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.5-c
		* Flash based mini audio player and download option for End User Panel Voicemail
		* Callback (click to call) from Voicemail Messages
		* Support for GUI based installation of English UK, Spanish, French, German and Italian 
                  sound packages
		* New package updater for reliable updates and progress information
		* Calls to Users will now ring all associated SIP and IAX channel (this is the new default 
		* CDR Viewer now supports strict matching and detailed CDR display
		* New Help Resources Page
		* Click to call (End User and API callbacks) can now be set for auto-answer and 
		  have a connection announcement
		* Bugfixes
		- Playback Date and Time now supports time zone settings based on caller
		- GUI based DHCP configurator now sets up correct subnet mask for scope

2009-09-01 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.4-g
		* inclusion of mailfax application (deprecates t-fax package)

2009-08-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.4-f
		* DB Tag 5029
		* Support for Caller ID name prepend on ring groups
                * bugfixes
                - IVR dial voicemail was not operational
                - Support for mailbox menu access when calling into mailbox groups (only supported if a greeting 
                  mailbox is set)
                - minor bugs

2009-08-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.4-d
		* Critical Bugfixes
		- Fixes transfer issue where in certain scenarios, transfers from a ring group could
		  the PBX to crash (TDM interfaces only)

2009-08-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.4-c
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.0.4-c.iso
		* Bugfixes
		- Temporary (VM) messages are now played back in the correct order and can
		  be transparently managed
		- improved multi-language support

2009-08-04 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.4-a
		* DB Tag 5028
		* End User Panel is now capable of distinguishing between missed calls that went
		  to Voicemail regardless of the call status
		* Enhanced Voicemail GUI
		* Support for Default Caller ID Name
		* Support to block caller ID Name from being set on outbound calls (e.g. PRI)
		* Caller ID Pattern support for inbound and outbound routing
		* bugfixes
		- call recording maintenance updates working again

2009-07-27 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.3-k
		* ISO RELEASE ipbx-2.0.3-k.iso
		* SWITCH RELEASE asterisk-1.4.26
		* bugfixes
		- minor bugfixes
		- fixes boot sequence for ipbx-tasker in relation to database engine

2009-07-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.3-j
		* bugfixes
		- fixes Aastra auto-provisioning setup for TFTP environments
		- fixes Service IVR with multi-language support (regression from 2.0.3-g)

2009-07-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.3-g
		* DB Tag 5027
		* RECOMMENDED UPGRADE (all preceding)
		* introduces multi-language capabilities and support
		* improved call status in iPhone interface
		* improved conference call status in End-User Panel for 'My Conference Room'
		* support for advanced personal conferencing module (BETA)
		* bugfixes
		- fixes Disk Status display to correctly display disk sizes
		- fixes GUI based database upgrades (Advanced Setup -> Maintenance)
		- fixes conflict between voicemail recordings recorded from user panel and through IVR
		- fixes first time login when using user impersonation (System -> Users)	
		- forces update of log rotation scripts fixing character set error	
		- fixes console WARNINGS caused by ipbx-tasker

2009-06-22 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.3-f
		* bugfixes
		- improved iPhone interface, forwarding and support for periodic updates
		- general improvements on admin status page
		- concurrent call display on status page now better suited for higher capacity systems

2009-06-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.3-d
		* DB Tag 5026
		* Adds Unified Voicemail Module as standard feature
		* iPhoneTM support (http://pbx/i), requires UVM configuration
		* Support for internal IVR extensions
		* Support for internal Queue extensions
		* bugfixes
		- ipbx tasker improvements and error checking

2009-06-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-l
		* bugfixes
		- improves queue logoff reliability and changes behavior so that members are only paused/logged 
                  off on member timeout.
		- improves queue editor and minor cosmetics

2009-05-31 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-k
		* bugfixes
		- tasker error reporting and reliable manager reconnections after switch restart

2009-05-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-j
		* DB Tag 5025
		* adds Voicemail Volume Gain to voicemail General Settings GUI
		* adds 'Skip VM instructions' option to End-User panel
		* bugfixes
		- Polycom local config ipbx.cfg adjusted for transfers to voicemail (e.g. blind-xfer to **XXX)
		- Fixes 'Automatic Hint Management' (Advanced Setup -> SIP Subscriptions)
		- Queue member login/logoff now uses AMI updates so 3rd party applications are aware of member status
		- Queues now support auto-pause/logoff

2009-05-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-i (not released to the public)
		* release 2.0.2-h (not released to the public)

2009-05-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-g
		* DB Tag 5024
		* includes first ipbx eXpress software only release (tandem)
		- support for agent/operator queue login via starcode (see Queue Editor and starcode editor)
		- cleaner menu structure for Voicemail Settings in End User panel (removed from features)
		- improved Linksys SPA templates

2009-05-15 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-f
		- support for trustrpid and sendrpid in VoIP Trunks GUI editor
		- support to dial operator directly via GUI (Features -> Operator) use transformations to change ext.
		- support for direct login into the user panel (impersonation) from admin Users dialogs
		- better provisioning validation and support for provisioning type 0=channel, 1=user, 2=mailbox
		* bugfixes
		- substitutes SIP username with SIP user if unavailable in SIP/IAX configuration generation
		- minor cosmetics
		- support for %%gmtoffsetsec%% and %%gmtoffsetmin%% variables in device provisioning
		- improved Snom Provisioning
		- Automatic Music On Hold reload upon addition of files and classes
		- improved caller ID name lookups 
		- fixes issue where a loaded channel template would interfere with editing channels
		- corrected display of device inventory templates
2009-04-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-e
		* bugfixes
		- fixes issues with addl./softphone module where IAX channels would not work
		- minor cosmetics
		- improved directory handling
		- improved Polycom reboots in sequence

2009-04-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.2-b
		* DB Tag 5023
		* IVR Caller ID name is now prepended instead of replaced
		* Support for site cross-authentication and quick-jumps between sites (Multi-Site)
		* Support for missed call e-mail notification in call groups
		* new static directory support for Aastra phones
		* rewritten caller ID name setting
		* support for blacklisting (straight and pattern based)
		* support for favorite patterns in end-user panel (e.g. _4XX. )
		* bugfixes
		- improved conferecing access control
		- improved caller ID /name settings
		- group ring timeout

2009-03-26 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.1-i
		* DB Tag 5022
		* exposes permissioned numbers in voicemail configuration dialog (UVM)
		* introduces Static Phone Directory Generation for Aastra Phones
		* introduces automatic Static phone directory generation
		* bugfixes
		- restart of syslog daemon upon installation of log-rotation files

2009-03-18 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.1-g
		* exposes pager field in end-user panel
		* bugfixes
		- prevents users from overwriting mailbox timezone information if non-server TZ
		- fixes issue where End-User Panel access setting was not taken into account
		- fixes display of supervisor Console in End-User panel

2009-03-11 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.1-f
		* DB Tag 5021
		* support for ring-inuse option in call queues 
		  (prevents agents of having in-use ringing even when call waiting is enabled)
		* support for 'ringing only' call queues outside of call groups
		* new 'limited user' status that only gives access to users and mailboxes
		* adds conference plaza feature to conference room list providing access 
		  to all conference rooms (global and personal)

2009-03-05 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.1-e
		* support for IVR fast extension input logic and choice of overlap dialing
		* support for 1st digit timeout in IVR (Timeout)
		* support for selective group call recording
		* introduces option to ask for Voicemail PIN even when calling from own extension
		* support for automated queue log maintenance
		* bugfixes
		- better hangup detection on nested IVRs and IVRs with timeout options
		- fixes some Internet Explorer rendering 'bugs'
		- enables 'no voicemail/alternate message' in unified mailboxes

2009-03-02 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.1-d
		* DB Tag 5019
		* bugfixes
		- fixed 'extension' 'Upon Timout Option' in nested IVRs 
		  (would fall back to previous 'Upon Timeout' rule)
		- fixes issue when using 'Voicemail Delay & PIN only' option in Advanced Settings for 
		  End-Users where End-User panel would display both pickup mode options.
		- fixes issue when using 'Voicemail Delay & PIN only' option in Advanced Settings for 
		  End-Users where End-User panel would not save e-mail address correctly.

2009-02-26 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.1-c
		* DB Tag 5018
		* Forced upgrade to Asterisk
		* Live channel activity charting
		* User Panel Statistics now feature activity charts
		* Queue Stats Reporting with Trending and Charts
		* adds support for contact uploads in end-user panel
		* adds route priority/position control
		* adds 'name' recording to end-user panel
		* adds support for routing transformations with caller ID
		* support for vCard uploads in corporate directory
		* support for selective queue recording
		* adds vm enable/disable to Admin Feature Settings Dialog
		* support for control class based device reboots
		* support for autofill queue behavior in queues GUI
		* support for arbitrary extensions in IVR options (e.g. forward to external number)
		* Snom Device Provisioning (HTTP support) now fully GUI integrated
		* bugfixes
		- fixes legacy on-call notifications (for v1.2)
		- fully supported inbound route patterns
		- improved Polycom SoundPoint templates (now configured for presence)
		- improved Snom Templates for 3xx and 8xx series phones
		- fixes MAC address detection for network interfaces
		- fixes return/timeout problems with cascaded IVRs
		- improved package updates from web interface
		- better file playback handling in web interfaces
		- fixes simulring issue with standard extension forwarding
		- fixes `contact` table in DB and makes sure auto_increment is on

2009-01-26 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-n
		* bugfixes
		- Direct dial in IVR fails to dial correct extension
		- VM CRITICAL fixes issue where calls coming in via IAX trunks would not play back default
		  Voicemail message and go straight to recording.

2009-01-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-m
		* bugfixes
		- VM CRITICAL fixes VM bug introduced in 2.0.0-k

2009-01-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-l
		* DB Tag 5017
		* General support for Snom SIP phones (reboot control and provisioning)
		* support for Snom m3, 360, 370 and 820 phones
		* bugfixes
		- random passwords contain no special characters anymore (issues with Grandstream provisioning)
		- improved 'reboot all' phone reboot option
		- IAX CRITICAL fixes transfer/notransfer field in iax templates (was preventing from saving IAX2 

2009-01-09 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-k
		* DB Tag 5016
		* adds automatic hint/subscription management for BLF/presence support
		* adds star codes for Spy, Whisper and Directed Pickup
		* adds support for manual star code applications in the dialplan (see wiki Manual Dialplan)
		* displays MAC based vendor information on DHCP Leases table (ID's for Aastra, Grandstream,
                  Cisco, Linksys, Polycom and Snom phones) 
		* Support for reliable HTTP based Grandstream reboots
		* bugfixes
		- waits for digit after recording review for voicemail prompts and others without exiting
		  this affects end-user panel recordings and administrator panel recordings
		- removes disabled feature call-waiting toggle
		- validates maiboxes on direct mailbox transfer and plays back error message
		- better Polycom reboot mechanism (supporting unchanged configurations for newer  v2)
		- Support for reboot on phones that are not registered (needs DHCP information)

2009-01-06 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-j
		* DB Tag 5015
		* adds Sangoma Wanpipe Hardware Detection (status pages)
		* better support for system diagnostics (memory, disk status)
		* adds PIN support to roaming dialog
		* adds support for Cisco 79XX XML extension roaming settings, conference rooms and queues
		* Support for n-way invites from a regular call (works on calling side only and dumps both
		  parties into the caller's personal conference room using *9 during a call)
		* bugfixes
		- adjusted static file extconfig.conf to correctly select ipbx database for queues
		- Aastra XML queue interface now displays correctly if phone is not a member of any queue
		- secures XML interfaces from unauthorized access (phone needs to be registered with server)
		- Adjusted on-screen help for User provisioning (mass provisioning)
		- typo causing presence warning time playback wrong time of day
		- corrected active conference room listing on XML phone applications
		- corrected network interface IP address change bug, where config would not be loaded properly

2008-12-16 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-i
		* add support for iSymphony Module (automatic extension provisioning)
		* bugfixes
		- End-User Panel: better handling of outgoing caller ID when using conference invites
		- better handling of network interface configuration
		- fixes Aastra default speedial for directory access (was speeddial instead of xml)

2008-12-11 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* release 2.0.0-h
		* DB Tag 5014
		* added 'add & new' button to user add dialog
		* End-User Panel: Extends conference room invites to public rooms
		* new SIP & IAX Channel listing with peer information
		* requirment of '_' for all pattern based route matching
		* adds 'Modified' column to 'Voice Prompts' list
		* Adds VoIP Trunk Editor for SIP and IAX
		* Adds Trunk Registrations for SIP and IAX
		* bugfixes
		- better conference room editor and conference room input validation
		- fixes issue with setting time zone via admin interface
		- End-User Panel: improved caller ID setting on click-to-call
		- fixes issue where 'manual editor' link was being displayed with lower ranking admin 
		- End-User Panel: Support for star codes as arbitrary destinations on the Contacts 
		- support for various additional insecure options for SIP channels
		- support for new 'transfer' instead of 'notransfer' parameter in IAX channels
		- fixes call-limit variable for SIP channels
		- cleaned up row spacing in IAX and SIP editors for cleaner display
		- fixes issue where Queues would always time-out into an invalid dial command
		- checks for queue membership before attempting to put caller into queue
		- fixes problem with orphaned queue members on queue name change

2008-12-02 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-g (critical)
		* bugfixes
		- ipbx-db.sql errors fixed		

2008-11-25 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* support for personal conference room invitations. See End-User Panel 'My Room'
		* support for individual section editing in the manual configuration file editor
		* added unique call ID to admin CDR viewer + userfield as accountcode overlay
		* inline field documentation for admin CDR export (Export Records)
		* bugfixes
		- ipbx-tasker SQL selection error trapping and error reporting fixed

2008-11-13 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>
		* bugfixes
		- uvm.agi now properly supports mailbox and context arguments (fixes backwards
		  compatibility with v. 1.2)

2008-11-10 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-f
		* DB Tag 5013
		* limited support for Grandstream GXP phones (new control class)
		* Added Playback of time for presence hours module
		* minor bugfixes
		- Internet Explorer CSS adjustments
		- ipbx-config wording improvements

2008-10-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-e
		* DB Tag 5013
		* general bugfixes
		- allows for spaces in IVR prompt files
		- supports Time based presence module
		- supports Remote extensions module (set trunk mode for extension)
2008-10-28 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-d
		* DB Tag 5012
		* added regserver field to Database Schema / DB Tag 5012
		* support for IVR replay options
		* general bugfixes
		- fixes IVR bug where certain IVR functions would not perform correctly
		- corrects manual IVR name matching for application selection and 'Upon Timeout' 
		- corrects/adds support for queue names with spaces

2008-10-24 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-c 
		* DB Tag 5011
		- support for CID Name in IVR options
		- fixes `support_feature` map availability options
		* general bugfixes
		- feature map selection of on-call application
		- IVR switch on/off is now working

2008-10-24 Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* release 2.0.0-b 
		* DB Tag 5010
		* adds module support along with:
		- Additional Line / Softphone Module
		- Delayed Paging Module
		- End User URL Control Module
		- Multi-Site Support Module
		- Unified Voicemail Module
		- On-Call Notification Module
		Multiple minor bugfixes: 
		- 'mailbox only' use of extensions has been fixed
		- mailbox permissions on mailbox creation have been corrected for non-privileged user

2008-08-01	Build Taridium <bdept@taridium.com>

		* new version 2.0.0-a (release in testing)
		* DB Tag 5010
		* initial package release

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