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Polycom Logins

As of version 3.1-d and higher comms supports automatic logins for Polycom phones. This is also known as hoteling, or roaming/portable profiles.

Configuration of Server

Roaming logins for Polycom phones use the additional line/softphone feature of an extension. In order for the system to know which additional line to use, a SIP template needs to be defined. Add a SIP template in the admin panel, e.g. 'Polycom Login'. This template should have the same general parameters as the default template for your Polycom phone. Note that no provisioning details will be used from this template. It will be mostly used to ID which additional line shall be used for roaming/logins - not for it's specific parameters.

In the webserver config.php file specify the name as the login template:

$cfg['PolycomLoginTemplate'] = "Polycom Login";

You will also need to add this profile to the additional line templates:

$cfg['AddLineSIPTemplate'] = array("Generic SIP NAT","Generic SIP HD","Generic SIP TCP","Polycom Login");

You will then have to set one line to use this particular SIP template in the roaming extensions you wish to use. Once this is set, the credentials for this line will be used for roaming logins.

Configuration of Phones

Your phones will need to run at least SIP firmware UC 4.0.0 or higher. This assumes the use of HTTP(S) for provisioning purposes. This will only work with phones that use auto-provisioning and have been registered correctly. The system will look up both the MAC address of the phone and the IP address when a request to the login configuration is made. Saving of overrides (-web.cfg) files is currently not supported since the OVERRIDES_DIRECTORY needs to be set to the same path as the USER_PROFILES_DIRECTORY. An invalid HTTP 500 error will be returned.

Use the following Polycom settings to enable logins:


In your general or device specific 000000000000.cfg or MAC.cfg file add the user profile directory:

 USER_PROFILES_DIRECTORY="http://[web server]/ent/xml/proam/[PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS]"
 OVERRIDES_DIRECTORY="http://[web server]/ent/xml/proam/[PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS]"

For further details on the exact Polycom settings refer to this document.


Users log-in by pressing the 'Log in' softkey. They will be prompted by their extension and voicemail PIN. Logins will not work if the voicemail PIN has been disabled or is empty. A successful login will be acknowledged with the first line button changing to the logged in extension along with the letter 'R'.' Pressing the 'Log out' softkey will return the phone to it's original configuration.

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