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The comms CDR database collects call detail records for all calls placed to, or from the switches. It can either reside on the same physical server as the configuration database, or in a separate server/cluster. Per default comms will not collect unanswered calls. Please refer to the switch configuration cdr.conf file [general] section and set unanswered = yes if you want to collect these calls. Please be aware that this can cause a substantial increase in collected records. See also CDR Maintenance.

CDR Fields

Viewer Name Database Field Name Description
Date and Time calldate Start Date and Time of the call.
Caller ID clid The caller ID for the call.
Source src The source extension for the call.
dst Destination The destination of the call.
Context dcontext The destination context. Usually this would be 'inside', 'incoming' or 'outgoing'.
Source Channel channel The channel of the call.
Destination Channel dstchannel The destination channel of the call.
Application lastapp The last Asterisk application that was called.
Application Data lastdata The last Asterisk application data that was passed.
Duration duration The duration of the call including call set up.
Billing Duration billsec The billing duration of the call. Relevant duration for billing purposes.
Call Disposition disposition The call disposition: ANSWERED, NO ANSWER, CONGESTION, FAILED, BUSY.
(not shown) amaflags The AMA flags (unused in comms)
Account Code accountcode The account code for the call placing channel. Format: [enterprise ID]-[extension], [retail ID] or just [enterprise ID].
Call ID uniqueid The unique ID for the call as generated by Asterisk. Will also include the switch ID.
User Field userfield The user field for the receiving channel - See also account code. Format: [enterprise ID]-[extension], [retail ID] or just [enterprise ID].
Pilot/BTN pilot The comms Pilot/BTN as set by the application.
Comms Application commsapp The last comms application with parameters.
(not shown) ID The unique database ID for the call.
Peer IP ipaddr The IP address of the peer if available. This has been deprecated (as of version 2.5-e) in the cdr table and is now collected in the cdr_more table.

Supplemental CDR Fields

Since version 2.5-e a supplemental table for CDR information exists. The cdr_more table uses name/value pairs and matches the uniqueid value of the parent CDR record: uniqueid, fname, fvalue.

Name (fname) Description
ipaddr The IP address of the SIP peer, if available.
recfile The call recording file locator.
origdid The original DID/DDI that was dialed, if available.

Please refer to the latest installed cdr-db.sql schema file in /usr/local/comms/install for details on data types and indices.

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