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The comms software is a comprehensive software suite designed to provide internet telephony services. The two main services that can be offered are consumer broadband telephony services and hosted PBX services.


The architecture is based on a central relational database that provides provisioning and configuration services to any number of shared/multi tenant servers. Services such as database, web, file services and telephony can be clustered for increased performance and reliability.

Administrator Interface

The administrator interface provides configuration options for the service provider. This includes system health information, the provisioning of DIDs/DDIs, reseller management, service plan management, access control and creation of hosted PBX systems.

Enterprise Interface

The enterprise panel provides management of the hosted PBX. This includes the management of extensions, groups, permissions and other applications.

User Panel Interface

The enterprise user panel provides end users access to their extension. This includes the management of call records, voicemail, call forwarding and other applications.

ITSP Interface

The ITSP interface is a subset of the administrator interface for resellers and customer service agents.

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