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comms demo Quick Start

The comms demo system is a single host installation of the comms hosted PBX application. For scaling and architectural questions, please contact Taridium sales.

Below are the login details for the demo system:

Administrator Interface

Your admin Interface login details: Username: admin and password: [password provided by taridium] This interface deals with all system-wide settings, resellers, plans, rates, DID/DDIs, billing etc. In comms a virtual PBX is called an 'enterprise'.

Go to Enterprises > Add Enterprise to create your virtual PBX.

Enterprise Interface (Virtual PBX)

Access to Enterprise Panel Login (replace [enterprise ID] with your ID as created in the admin interface)

This interface deals with the actual virtual PBX and its configuration.[enterprise ID]/ You can also login directly from the Admin Panel > Enterprise List > login link (last icon).

End User Interface

For access to User Panel Login (replace [enterprise ID] with your ID as created in the admin interface)[enterprise ID]/

Here you will have to login with the extension number and PIN for the mailbox. Again, you can optionally use the direct login list from the extension list in the enterprise interface. Optional password authentication can be setup and enforced.

We are also be happy to set up a trunk for you if you want to test calling. You should be able to register a phone though. Just create an extension with a matching template/profile and look up the username and password in 'Show SIP Details' in the extension editor. You can test a variety of star codes, such as *86 for voicemail and *85 for the echo test.

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