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Host Based Firewall

If you have difficulties accessing the web interface or establishing SIP/IAX traffic, make sure your host firewall does allow the desired traffic.

To check if your host firewall (e.g. standard CentOS/RedHat installation) is affecting traffic, try turning iptables off:

  [root~]# service iptables off

A default iptables configuration file can be found at /usr/local/ipbx/default-iptables

Using SIP Trunks

My calls work fine, but I don't hear a ringback tone.

Go to Advanced SetupConfiguration and check the Force ringback tone on trunk calls under Trunks.


No call ID displayed

There is no entry for call ID in the CDR viewer.

You might be using a custom version of the underlying Asterisk Addons package. Please make sure you use the latest taridium packages. E.g.:

   [root@pbx ~]# yum install asterisk16-addons


   [root@pbx ~]# yum install asterisk18-addons

depending on the version of Asterisk you are using.


Ioncube Loader Permission Error

Failed loading /usr/local/php-ioncube/ioncube/ /usr/local/php-ioncube/ioncube/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

Try disabling SELinux in /etc/selinux/config


To activate the setting above you can either re-start your server, or enter the following command:

  [root@pbx ~]#  setenforce 0

Ioncube File Not Permissioned


The encoded file /var/www/html/conf/license-XXXXXXXXXXXX.php is not permissioned for

Your license is locked to your network interface MAC address. Please contact Taridium to reset your license.


Personal Conference Rooms Disabled in End-User Panel

The end-user interface states that personal conference rooms have been disabled. Go to Applications -> Features -> Feature Map and map the feature Personal Conference Rooms as the prefix you wish to use for the rooms. The extension format is *[selected number prefix] + [extension number]

Invalid Conference Room

Ipbx claims the conference room number is invalid. This is usually a problem with the conferencing timing source. Meetme conferencing requires a timing source, either in the form of a Zaptel compatible timing source or using the pseudo timing device ztdummy.

  [root@ipbx ~]# service asterisk stop
  [root@ipbx ~]# modprobe dahdi_dummy 
  [root@ipbx ~]# cat /var/log/messages

and check for any errors, if you get an error message regarding the kernel version, you will have to re-compile the zaptel source for your kernel. Use our pre-compilation package zaptel-compile by entering

  [root@ipbx ~]# yum install zaptel-compile

and try the modprobe command again. If there are no error you can start Asterisk again.

  [root@ipbx ~]# service asterisk start

To configure zaptel to start the timing source at boot edit /etc/sysconfig/zaptel and uncomment the appropriate line.

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