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Taridium's ipbx supports click to call from Microsoft Outlook™ and other TAPI compliant software. The instructions below describe installation of the Activa TSP TAPI driver which enables click to call on TAPI compliant applications.


Configuring ipbx for TAPI Use

Access your ipbx system via system console or SSH, and edit the /etc/asterisk/manager.conf file and add the following:


Replace the password (secret) with a strong password and enter your local LAN to prevent unauthorized access to the manager API.

Installing the TAPI Client

Download the Activa TSP client from - make sure you select the correct version if you are using a 64bit platform.

Open the ZIP archive and Install ‘SetupActiva.exe’ in folder ‘Activa’. The installation process will prompt you for your configuration details.

ActivaTSP Configuration

Asterisk Connection



Click 'OK' to save configuration – you might need to restart your computer in order for the TAPI driver to work.

Testing Click to Call

In order to make sure that your driver is correctly installed, start Microsoft Outlook and right click on one of your contacts, then select Call Contact....


Now click on Start Call, your phone should ring and then be connected to the party you are trying to reach.


If the call does not go through, e.g. you phone rings but you get a busy signal, please check that Outlook is dialing the number correctly. Numbers should be dialed in the same way as on your desk phone. See Dialing Properties... for adjustments. If you haven’t restarted your computer after the installation completed, restart your computer and try again.


In order to change any settings to the TAPI driver, go to the Windows Control Panel and select Phone and Modem OptionsAdvanced TabActivaTSP for Asterisk (in Windows 7 and Vista All Items View).

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